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Week of Jan 20th, 2019

Week of Jan 13th, 2019

  • Notes on The Party, Reform, Revolution and the Myth of Spontaneity in Rosa Luxemburg

    Rosa Luxemburg has an odd place in the history of the left. Libertarian Marxists see her as the appetizing alternative to dour, dictatorial Lenin. Communists of the Stalin variety saw her as an enemy of the party.

    Read at 10:05 pm, Jan 18th

  • Read at 09:57 pm, Jan 18th

  • Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 2) | ContraPoints

    DEAR YOUTUBE MODERATOR: My channel has recently been the target of a spurious flagging campaign. Please take an extra moment to review this video! ❤✿Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/contrapoints✿Donate: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...✿Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ContraPoint

    Read at 09:22 pm, Jan 18th

  • Does the Left Hate Free Speech? (Part 1) | ContraPoints

    Examining right-wing ("liberal") talking point number 1.✿Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/contrapoints✿Donate: www.patreon.com/contrapointsDONATE: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...✿Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ContraPoints✿Live Stream Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/ContraP

    Read at 09:00 pm, Jan 18th

  • Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants

    A conversation with Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey can be incredibly disorienting. Not because he’s particularly clever or thought-provoking, but because he sounds like he should be. He takes long pauses before he speaks.

    Read at 07:19 pm, Jan 18th

  • How One Socialist Lawmaker Is Trying to Change His State’s Pro-Business Policies

    MANASSAS, Va. — When the state of Virginia recently struck a deal with American chip maker Micron to expand in Manassas, both Gov. Ralph Northam, a Democrat, and the local mayor, Hal Parrish, a Republican, attended a ceremony celebrating the news.

    Read at 06:38 pm, Jan 18th

  • House floor erupts after GOP lawmaker shouts ‘Go back to Puerto Rico’

    The House floor erupted Thursday shortly before Congress adjourned for the week when Republican Rep. Jason Smith yelled a potentially racially charged remark across the aisle as Democratic Rep. Tony Cárdenas was at the podium.

    Read at 06:31 pm, Jan 18th

  • Trump Fires Back At Nancy Pelosi’s State Of The Union Delay Request

    Instead of responding directly to her request that the event be delayed because of security funding concerns, Trump wrote in an apparent retaliation that he had canceled her upcoming delegation trip to Brussels, Egypt and Afghanistan.

    Read at 06:29 pm, Jan 18th

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Has the Better Tax Argument

    When Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez suggested this month that the United States should tax income over $10 million by 70 percent, it galvanized something unusual: a broad and substantive national conversation about the design and purpose of federal tax policy. No, I’m just kidding.

    Read at 06:28 pm, Jan 18th

  • Michael Cohen says he paid tech firm to rig online polls 'at the direction of' Trump

    Michael Cohen, President Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer, confirmed on Thursday that he paid a small tech firm to rig online polls before the 2016 presidential campaign got underway "at the direction of and the sole benefit of" Trump.

    Read at 06:24 pm, Jan 18th

  • 2018-01-25 (random) Why NOT to add the pipeline operator to JavaScript (or TypeScript, etc.)? And what to maybe add instead.

    TL;DR Putting operands/arguments before the operator/function is sometimes very useful. Some functional languages have pipeline operators like |> for that. It's been proposed to throw one into JavaScript too. Seems like a good idea.

    Read at 06:24 pm, Jan 18th

  • The Best of a Bad Situation

    In our age of Republican minority despotism, attempts to grapple with anthropogenic climate destruction have been warped to encourage several varieties of despair, rendered acute by the ticking-time-bomb nature of the problem.

    Read at 06:22 pm, Jan 18th

  • Chaos on House floor as Dems hold hasty vote to end shutdown, Republicans demand redo

    Chaos briefly broke out on the floor of the House Thursday as Republicans accused House Democrats of trying to pull a fast one with a hasty vote to end the partial shutdown.

    Read at 10:04 pm, Jan 17th

  • The Apocalypse | ContraPoints

    Is it hot in here or is the world just like this now?✿Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/contrapoints✿Donate: https://paypal.me/contrapoints✿Merch: https://www.teepublic.com/stores/cont...✿Subscribe: https://www.youtube.com/c/ContraPoints✿Live Stream Channel: https://www.youtube.com/c/Contra

    Read at 04:53 pm, Jan 17th

  • Read at 09:20 am, Jan 17th

  • Page Weight Matters

    Three years ago, while I was a web developer at YouTube, one of the senior engineers began a rant about the page weight of the video watch page being far too large. The page had ballooned to as high as 1.2MB and dozens of requests.

    Read at 09:20 am, Jan 17th

  • The Supreme Court Just Handed a Big, Unanimous Victory to Workers. Wait, What?

    On Tuesday, the Supreme Court handed a victory to American workers, ruling unanimously that independent contractors who work in transportation may not be forced into mandatory arbitration. (Justice Brett Kavanaugh, who joined the bench after argument, did not participate.

    Read at 09:18 am, Jan 17th

  • Virginia Could Soon Place the Equal Rights Amendment in the U.S. Constitution

    For those of us who came of age at a time when the ratification of the Equal Rights Amendment seemed as inevitable as it was overdue, the ERA’s sudden revival in the Trump era has been a marvelous development.

    Read at 09:15 am, Jan 17th

  • Samsung Phone Users Perturbed to Find They Can't Delete Facebook

    Nick Winke, a photographer in the Pacific northwest, was perusing internet forums when he came across a complaint that alarmed him: On certain Samsung Electronics Co. smartphones, users aren’t allowed to delete the Facebook app.

    Read at 09:12 am, Jan 17th

  • Veselnitskaya, Russian in Trump Tower Meeting, Is Charged in Case That Shows Kremlin Ties

    Natalia V. Veselnitskaya, the Russian lawyer who in 2016 met with Trump campaign officials in Trump Tower, was charged on Tuesday in a separate case that showed her close ties to the Kremlin. Ms.

    Read at 08:25 pm, Jan 16th

  • On the Border, Little Enthusiasm for a Wall: ‘We Have Other Problems That Need Fixing’

    COLUMBUS, N.M. — Just minutes from the border in rural New Mexico, the Borderland Cafe in the village of Columbus serves burritos and pizza to local residents, Border Patrol agents and visitors from other parts of the country seeking a glimpse of life on the frontier.

    Read at 08:20 pm, Jan 16th

  • What’s actually happening at the US-Mexico border, explained

    President Trump wants you, and everyone else in America, to believe that the US-Mexico border isn’t just in trouble but in crisis.

    Read at 08:15 pm, Jan 16th

  • The Border Patrol Has Been a Cult of Brutality Since 1924

    Since its founding in the early 20th century, the U.S. Border Patrol has operated with near-complete impunity, arguably serving as the most politicized and abusive branch of federal law enforcement — even more so than the FBI during J. Edgar Hoover’s directorship.

    Read at 06:57 pm, Jan 16th

  • Dems spurn Trump on shutdown talks

    House Democrats refused to participate in a Tuesday afternoon meeting with President Donald Trump, dashing the White House’s long-shot hopes of convincing moderates to circumvent their leaders and reach a grand bargain to reopen the government.

    Read at 09:18 am, Jan 16th

  • The Ethics of Web Performance

    One question I’ve seen posed a few times in the past several months is whether performance really is a moral or ethical concern, or if that’s all heavy-handed exaggeration. It’s a fair question, I suppose.

    Read at 09:13 am, Jan 16th

  • The Ethics of Web Performance

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    Read at 09:08 am, Jan 16th

  • How to Actually, Truly Focus on What You’re Doing

    Tired: Shallow work. Wired: Deep work. Welcome to the Smarter Living newsletter! Every Monday, S.L. editor Tim Herrera emails readers with tips and advice for living a better, more fulfilling life. Sign up here to get it in your inbox.

    Read at 09:07 am, Jan 16th

  • ‘The Lowest White Man’

    I guess Donald Trump was eager to counter the impression in Michael Wolff’s book that he is irascible, mentally small and possibly insane. On Tuesday, he allowed a bipartisan session in the White House about immigration to be televised for nearly an hour.

    Read at 07:39 am, Jan 16th

  • With New Voting Laws, Democrats Flex Newfound Power in New York

    After years of lagging behind other states, New York radically overhauled its system of voting and elections on Monday, passing several bills that would allow early voting, preregistration of minors, voting by mail and sharp limits on the influence of money.

    Read at 09:01 pm, Jan 15th

  • Gillette released an ad asking men to ‘act the right way.’ Then came the backlash.

    Is this “the best a man can get”? In the wake of the #MeToo movement, Gillette is invoking its classic tagline to call upon men to hold each other accountable and set better examples for the “men of tomorrow.” And they’re catching criticism for doing so.

    Read at 08:15 am, Jan 15th

  • Trump Reportedly Flays Mick Mulvaney In Shutdown Meeting: 'You Just F**ked It All Up'

    In a heated round of negotiations over his demands for $5.7 billion to build a border wall, President Donald Trump allegedly berated acting chief of staff Mick Mulvaney as he tried to work a deal. According to Axios, which broke the story Sunday citing sources present at the Jan.

    Read at 09:33 pm, Jan 14th

  • Delta Passenger Gets Gun Past TSA In Atlanta And Flies With It To Japan

    The passenger carried the firearm through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport to Narita, Japan, on Jan. 2, the Transportation Security Administration said in a statement that acknowledged security procedures weren’t followed.

    Read at 09:29 pm, Jan 14th

  • Los Angeles Teachers Begin Huge Strike

    LOS ANGELES — Los Angeles public school teachers are on the picket line instead of in their classrooms Monday as they begin their first strike in 30 years.

    Read at 06:51 pm, Jan 14th

  • Why review code?

    A friend asked me recently why it’s valuable to do code review. Most Silicon Valley tech companies, at least, do code review on every change to get at least two sets of eyes on it.

    Read at 06:49 pm, Jan 14th

  • 6 Keys To Valuable Code Reviews

    I’ve read 2 things lately that really reminded me of the value of code reviews. One was A Philosophy Of Software Design by John Ousterhout, which I reviewed here.

    Read at 06:47 pm, Jan 14th

  • Requests to bring in child brides OK’d; legal under US laws

    WASHINGTON (AP) — Thousands of requests by men to bring in child and adolescent brides to live in the United States were approved over the past decade, according to government data obtained by The Associated Press. In one case, a 49-year-old man applied for admission for a 15-year-old girl.

    Read at 09:25 am, Jan 14th

  • As Trump visits border, Texas landowners prepare wall fight

    HIDALGO, Texas (AP) — As President Donald Trump traveled to the border in Texas to make the case for his $5.7 billion wall , landowner Eloisa Cavazos says she knows firsthand how the project will play out if the White House gets its way.

    Read at 09:22 am, Jan 14th

  • Organizational Debt

    We all know that classic aphorism: Year comes to an end, Rust blog post press send. This is mine. There are lots of cool technical improvements to Rust that I want the project to achieve this year, and a few in particular that I’m definitely going to be putting a lot of time into.

    Read at 09:16 am, Jan 14th

  • The Joys of Becoming Irrelevant to Men Like This

    In a recent interview with Marie Claire, the 50-year-old French writer Yann Moix declared himself “incapable” of loving a woman age 50 or older. “I prefer younger women’s bodies, that’s all. End of,” he said. “The body of a 25-year-old woman is extraordinary.

    Read at 07:24 am, Jan 14th

  • The Rise and Demise of RSS

    About a decade ago, the average internet user might well have heard of RSS.

    Read at 06:54 pm, Jan 13th

  • Fables of School Reform

    Over the past five years, more than $13 billion in venture capital has been sunk into education technology startups.

    Read at 05:50 pm, Jan 13th

  • Tucker Carlson Thinks the Problem With America Is Market Capitalism

    If there were any doubt of the direction the Trump-dominated GOP is taking, Tucker Carlson's monologue on Fox News Wednesday should remove it. Carlson's not a political leader, but he's a bellwether, and his words are already being cheered by prominent conservatives.

    Read at 04:42 pm, Jan 13th

  • Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez started a fire

    So often in the Trump era, the dominant news event is so mind-numbingly stupid that it barely warrants comment.

    Read at 04:37 pm, Jan 13th

  • Black and White Photographs of Chinese Humiliation Parade in NYC, May 1938

    Twelve thousand Chinese people from all parts of the Metropolitan area closed their laundries and other businesses to take part in the largest demonstration ever staged in the United States.

    Read at 04:34 pm, Jan 13th

  • MacKenzie Bezos and the Myth of the Lone Genius Founder

    When award-winning novelist MacKenzie Bezos and her husband Jeff Bezos, the chief executive and founder of Amazon, announced on Twitter Wednesday they were getting divorced, public discussion over the uncoupling quickly centered on the impact it might have on Jeff’s company, and on each sides’ n

    Read at 04:34 pm, Jan 13th

  • Is Sunscreen the New Margarine?

    These are dark days for supplements. Although they are a $30-plus billion market in the United States alone, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin E, selenium, beta-carotene, glucosamine, chondroitin, and fish oil have now flopped in study after study.

    Read at 04:28 pm, Jan 13th

  • Choosing between Redux and React’s Context API

    While I worked on a recent project at work, I had to implement filtering and sorting (for a table) through some URL query parameters. I was surprised to find that react-router does not really support query parameter serialization out of the box (but that’s another story).

    Read at 04:15 pm, Jan 13th

  • Piecing Together Approaches for a CSS Masonry Layout

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    Read at 04:09 pm, Jan 13th

  • Why we need CSS subgrid

    It's been quite a while now since CSS Grid Layout Module Level 1 was released. It's been almost two years since that time all the major browsers sort of got together and pushed it out nearly simultaneously (March 2017, ICYMI). And IMHO, it's the best thing in CSS in a super long time.

    Read at 04:07 pm, Jan 13th

  • Why we need CSS subgrid

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    Read at 03:54 pm, Jan 13th

  • Democratic Socialists of America (DSA)

    This feels the perfect day for a new post in DSA’s Religious Socialism blog. When you see politicians wielding “thoughts and prayers,” or insist peers join them in prayer, it’s good to be reminded that our deepest beliefs are not someone else’s tools. (Ed.)

    Read at 03:53 pm, Jan 13th

  • House Democrats Hoping to Stifle Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Are Only Hurting Themselves

    If fellow Dems actually reined in AOC, they’d be squandering a big opportunity. The 116th Congress has only been in session for a week, but some senior Democrats are already dismayed by one new kid on the block.

    Read at 03:45 pm, Jan 13th

  • DoneJS 3

    DoneJS 3.0 is out! ? If you're unfamiliar with DoneJS you should definitely check out our homepage and run through the getting started guide (it doesn't take very long).

    Read at 03:40 pm, Jan 13th

  • TypeScript 2.8: Conditional Types

    TypeScript 2.8 introduced conditional types, a powerful and exciting addition to the type system. Conditional types let us express non-uniform type mappings, that is, type transformations that differ depending on a condition.

    Read at 03:37 pm, Jan 13th

  • Defensive JavaScript

    Running Node Apps Locally and in the Cloud with Docker and Azure Node.jsEmily FreemanJanuary 10, 2019javascript, node, node.

    Read at 03:19 pm, Jan 13th

  • Google Launches Opensource.dev as an Introduction to Open Source

    Google has launched a new educational site at opensource.dev that offers a succinct and approachable introduction to open source software and licensing. WordPress is cited as one of the more well-known examples in the opening paragraphs:

    Read at 03:12 pm, Jan 13th

  • Inside Facebook's 'cult-like' workplace, where dissent is discouraged and employees pretend to be happy all the time

    At a company-wide town hall in early October, numerous Facebook employees got in line to speak about their experiences with sexual harassment.

    Read at 03:11 pm, Jan 13th

  • React – useReducer the new amazing Hook Redux style

    Is almost 1 month that I’m using hooks and I can say that they’re really cool and they reduce the amount of code without loosing any functionality. My code now is only based on functional component and no class (at the moment) are required.

    Read at 02:49 pm, Jan 13th

  • Hello, Elixir — The First Month

    Elixir is a functional programming language with impressive features and a fast-growing community. It’s both familiar and not to those experienced in object-oriented design.

    Read at 02:34 pm, Jan 13th

  • Algorithmic Layouts

    Twitter Facebook Reddit .sidebar { float: left; width: 20rem; } .not-sidebar { float-right: calc(100% - 20rem); } @media (max-width: 40rem) { .sidebar, .not-sidebar { float: none; width: auto. } } /* Parent container */ .with-sidebar { display: flex; flex-wrap: wrap; } .

    Read at 02:29 pm, Jan 13th

  • Developing React custom hooks for Redux without react-redux

    Ever since I learned Redux, I’ve been thinking an alternative integration of react and redux to the official react-redux library. The intuition behind it is that Redux is super simple which I like a lot, whereas react-redux is complex because of performance tuning.

    Read at 02:27 pm, Jan 13th

  • Flux without fuss: from Containers to Hooks

    When Facebook first introduced Flux around 2014 I knew it was the answers to all my cravings. Watching the trends shift from MVC to MVVM to MV* I always felt there are some fundamental flaws in those pattern when applied to modern front-end architecture.

    Read at 02:17 pm, Jan 13th

  • Handling data fetching with state machines

    I get jealous whenever I see people post their passion projects on Twitter. ✨ They typically have all of the fancy tech, with GraphQL, or super-interactive animations or just jaw-dropping performance. In my day-to-day job, I don’t handle any of those concerns. I fetch data.

    Read at 11:44 am, Jan 13th

  • The oral history of Office Space: Behind the scenes of the cult classic

    In 1991, aspiring animator Mike Judge was a touring musician and grad student living outside of Dallas, Texas, when he channeled his past cubicle-life angst – from his former life as an engineer – into a 16mm short film called Office Space, featuring Milton.

    Read at 11:35 am, Jan 13th

  • Exasperated Democrats try to rein in Ocasio-Cortez

    The effort is part carrot, part stick. But it's far from clear the anti-establishment political novice can be made to play ball.

    Read at 11:16 am, Jan 13th

  • New REST API Notice in 5.1

    Starting in WordPress 5.1, if register_rest_route() is not called on the rest_api_init action hook, a “doing it wrong” notice will be triggered. This notice is being added in an effort to encourage best practices when registering REST API endpoints.

    Read at 11:11 am, Jan 13th

  • Tucker Carlson has sparked the most interesting debate in conservative politics

    Last Wednesday, the conservative talk show host Tucker Carlson started a fire on the right after airing a prolonged monologue on his show that was, in essence, an indictment of American capitalism.

    Read at 11:07 am, Jan 13th

  • Amazon and the homeless: a tale of two Long Island cities

    Juan Rivera has lived in Long Island City, in Queens, for a month – but has never been to the part of the neighborhood where Amazon will soon establish its New York City headquarters.

    Read at 10:05 am, Jan 13th

  • R.Kelly appearance last night sold out had women screaming "take me hostage"

    And here are some comments from his fans: And here's more video: Eventually, the club had to shut down early. People on social media called the police to the venue, after seeing how successful the event was.

    Read at 09:54 am, Jan 13th

  • The melting pot of JavaScript

    People I’ve talked to have mixed feelings about the JavaScript ecosystem. Some of them express how they are tired of the JavaScript fatigue. Others claim we live in a JavaScript Renaissance.

    Read at 09:54 am, Jan 13th

  • The Future of the Supreme Court in the Liberal Imagination

    01.19.19 The Future of the Supreme Court in the Liberal Imagination 10.20.18 Everything is in the hands of heaven except the fear of heaven 10.08.18 The Scandal of Democracy: Seven Theses for the Socialist Left 09.19.18 Love and Money: On Keith Gessen’s “A Terrible Country” 09.16.18 Fall Talks (Updated) 09.11.18 What is the connection between Ezra Pound, the Constitution, and the Steel Industry? 08.26.18 As political scientists head to their annual convention, the workers at the convention hotels prepare to protest: Here’s what you can do 08.25.18 Freedom and Socialism 08.20.18 On Avital Ronell, Nimrod Reitman, and Sexual Harassment in the Academy 08.05.18 The Day Zach Galifianakis Saved Obamacare 07.27.18 Why the argument for democracy is now working for socialists rather than against them 07.23.18 The Question of Russia and the Left: A response to Ryan Cooper 07.16.18 On Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, Palestine, and the Left 07.15.18 On Liars, Politics, Michiko Kakutani, Martin Jay, and Hannah Arendt 07.09.18 The Five Horsemen of the Apocalypse 07.06.18 Did Anthony Kennedy ever sniff glue? And other stories of nominations past 07.04.18 How eerie and unsettling it can be when people change their minds: From Thomas Mann to today 06.06.18 The Creative Class Gets Organized 05.19.18 Conservatism and the free market 05.15.18 Chatting with Chris Hayes 05.15.18 dein goldenes Haar Margarete, dein aschenes Haar Sulamith 05.13.18 What we talk about when we talk about sex in the academy 05.05.18 Shabbos Reading 04.12.18 On Democracy Now! 04.10.18 Reminder: at Harvard tonight and tomorrow 04.07.18 When the Senate was a goyisch old boys’ club 04.05.18 The Waning Hegemony of Republican Tax Cuts 04.03.18 Why is the media—including the liberal media—supporting these teachers’ strikes? 03.30.18 Talking liberal amnesia with Brooke Gladstone on On the Media 03.21.18 The real danger of normalization 02.19.18 Did Jill Abramson Plagiarize Ian Milhiser? 02.06.18 Speaking events this spring 02.04.18 Oedipus in Berlin: How a German television series about the Cold War re-tells an ancient myth 02.02.18 A Constitutional Crisis? Or Partisans Without Purpose? 01.28.18 Democracy is Norm Erosion 01.13.18 Trump’s power is shakier than American democracy 12.26.17 Clarence Thomas’s Straussian Moment: The Question of Slavery and the Founding, and a question for my political theory and intellectual history friends 12.25.17 Politics in this country has never felt the way the it does now… 12.23.17 Trump Everlasting 12.16.17 Moon Over Alabama: Elections and the left 12.09.17 When it comes to domination—whether of race, class, or gender—there are no workarounds 12.09.17 If taxes are the thunder of world history, what kind of history did the GOP make this past week? 12.08.17 When Libertarian Judges Rule 11.25.17 Trump and the Princeton Tory 11.21.17 I’ll be on The Leonard Lopate Show tomorrow—and here are a bunch of reviews and interviews 11.16.17 Stokely Carmichael and Clarence Thomas 11.13.17 Reminder: Talk tonight with Keith Gessen, and Wednesday night with Eddie Glaude 11.01.17 Upcoming Events in LA and NYC with Keith Gessen and Eddie Glaude 10.30.17 Because of her, it went well with him: Weinstein, Wieseltier, and the Enablers of Sexual Harassment 10.25.17 What’s wrong with the discourse of norm erosion? 10.23.17 Forty Years of The Firm: Trump and the Coasian Grotesque 10.21.17 Noah and Shoah: Purification by Violence from the Flood to the Final Solution 10.20.17 If you don’t think that some day you’ll be looking back fondly on Trump, think again: That day has already come. 10.18.17 Was Bigger Thomas an Uptalker? 10.15.17 “It’s Scalias All the Way Down”: Why the very thing that scholars think is the antidote to Trump is in fact the aide-de-Trump 10.15.17 As we approach the one-year anniversary of Donald Trump’s election… 10.13.17 Philosophers, Politicians, Political Theorists, and Social Media: The Arguments We Make 10.13.17 Oh, Jonah: If only conservatives knew their own tradition, Part LXXVII 10.12.17 Adam Smith’s Invisible Hand At Work: The Harvey Weinstein Story 10.11.17 What do the NFL and Trump’s Birth Control Mandate Have in Common? Fear, American Style 09.11.17 On the anniversary of 9/11 09.11.17 The Critic and the Clown: A Tale of Free Speech at Berkeley 09.06.17 Kate Millett, 1934-2017 08.25.17 When Political Scientists Legitimate Torturers 08.22.17 From Buckley to Bannon: Whither the Scribbler Scrapper of the Right 08.21.17 Norm Erosion: The President Addresses the Nation about Afghanistan 08.17.17 Reader’s Report 08.17.17 When Kant Was Late 08.16.17 What’s the connection between Lytton Strachey and Monica Lewinsky? 08.11.17 On Marcel Ophuls’ The Memory of Justice 08.06.17 How to win literary prizes 08.03.17 The very thing that liberals think is imperiled by Trump will be the most potent source of his long-term power and effects 08.03.17 In America, who’s more likely to win an election: a scam artist or a war hero? 08.01.17 The Bane of Bain 07.31.17 Why John Kelly won’t—in fact, can’t—save Trump 07.30.17 Chelsea and Me: On the politics—or non-politics or pseudo-politics—of engaging a power player on Twitter 07.29.17 Yesterday, I got into an argument with Chelsea Clinton. On Twitter. About Hannah Arendt. 07.24.17 The Democrats: A party that wants to die but can’t pull the plug 07.23.17 The Millennials are the American Earthquake 07.21.17 All the president’s men were ratfuckers 07.21.17 We have the opportunity for a realignment. We don’t have a party to do it. Yet. 07.20.17 The Jewish Question has always been, for me, a European question 07.18.17 Trump: The Profit Unarmed 07.11.17 Unlike Jimmy Carter, Trump has been remarkably weak. And that may turn out to be his salvation. 06.30.17 Fighting Fascism in France, 1936 v. 2017 06.28.17 On the Republicans’ stalled healthcare bill 06.20.17 On China Miéville’s October: An Arendtian History of the Russian Revolution 06.15.17 Why does the GOP stick with Trump? It’s all about the judges. 06.03.17 Second Edition of The Reactionary Mind now available for order 05.11.17 One Bernie With One Stone 05.07.17 Trump is a Tyrant: The Devolution of an Argument 05.05.17 His Mother’s Son 05.04.17 What we talk about when we talk about Susan Sarandon 04.29.17 A wise psychoanalyst once told me (sort of): look at what Trump does, not what he says 04.27.17 On liberals, the left, and free speech: Something has changed, and it’s not what you think it is 04.26.17 The Language of Pain, from Virginia Woolf to William Stanley Jevons 04.22.17 Events, dear boy, events 04.22.17 Have You Never Been Mello? On Bernie and Abortion in Omaha 04.05.17 Eichmann in Jerusalem is a better guide to Trump Time than is Origins of Totalitarianism 04.02.17 Why, when it comes to the Right, do we ignore events, contingency, and high politics?: What Arno Mayer Taught Me 03.26.17 Trump’s Bermuda Triangle: Obamacare, Taxes, and the Debt 03.22.17 What we’re hoping for with the Obamacare repeal vote: that the rage of the GOP will overwhelm its reason 03.18.17 Why are there no great thinkers on the right today? 03.17.17 Trump’s Budget and the Fiscal Crisis of the State: Something’s Gotta Give 03.16.17 What Michael Rogin means to me, particularly in the Age of Trump: Traditional politics matters! 03.14.17 The real parallel between Hitler and Trump 03.12.17 At this year’s seder, don’t turn Trump into Pharaoh: treat him as a plague 03.01.17 Political Criticism in the Age of Trump: A How-To, or A How-Not-To 02.16.17 It’s time to start thinking about a realignment: 2 things for the left to do 02.15.17 Stop freaking out about Pence 02.14.17 3 Ways Forward For Trump 02.13.17 Welfare Reform from Locke to the Clintons 02.11.17 On the Yahrzeit of Talia Goldenberg, 1991-2014 02.11.17 Once upon a time, Trump was against extreme vetting 02.10.17 Beauty and the Beast: Donald Trump as the Interior Decorator in Chief 02.10.17 Upcoming Talks and Other Things 02.09.17 Trump: 0. Democrats: 0. The People: 1. 02.07.17 No lawyering this thing to death: Conservatives and the courts, from Nixon to Bush to Trump 02.06.17 Peggy Noonan Speaks Truth: The Circuits Are Overloaded 02.05.17 If you’re willing to support a boycott of US academic conferences over Trump’s ban, why not BDS? 02.04.17 What if Trump Turns Out To Be… 02.04.17 God Is an Accelerationist 02.03.17 Trump was the best the Republican Party could do 02.01.17 Morbid Thoughts in Time of Trump 01.31.17 The American Terrible 01.29.17 If Trump is a fascist, he may be the most backassward fascist we’ve ever seen 01.28.17 Migrants and refugees detained at JFK Airport, which is named after a passionate defender of immigration 01.27.17 Share the Earth 01.27.17 David Hume in Defense of Judith Butler’s Writing Style 01.27.17 Named and Inhabited Evil 01.27.17 January Journal 01.25.17 Rally today against Trump’s Plan for Refugees and Muslims 01.22.17 Donald Trump: His Mother’s Son 01.21.17 Donald Trump: Six Theses 01.20.17 Trump’s Inaugural Address versus Reagan’s Inaugural Address 01.20.17 Trumpland, Day 1: What effect will Trump have on phone sex? 01.20.17 David Hume on the Inauguration of Donald Trump 01.18.17 On how and how not to resist Trump 01.11.17 Where did I go wrong? Or, why Trump may be like Jimmy Carter 01.07.17 Trump and the Intelligence Agencies: On the Slow Collapse of Imperial Republics 12.26.16 Defend George Ciccariello-Maher 12.26.16 December Diary: From the Political to the Personal 12.11.16 Against the Politics of Fear 11.05.16 Viva Las Vegas! 11.04.16 The US: Is She Becoming Undun? 10.26.16 Edmund Niemann, 1945-2016 10.26.16 The Limits of Liberalism at Harvard 10.24.16 1980 v. 2012 10.23.16 Six Reasons for Optimism (and one big one for pessimism) 10.22.16 Private Goods, from Florence Nightingale to Wendy Brown 10.15.16 Why I Won’t Be Appearing at the Brooklyn Commons on Wednesday 10.12.16 Upcoming Gigs 10.12.16 My Colin Kaepernick Moment: On not standing for the State of Israel in shul 10.10.16 Trump is the ringmaster and the liberal media his unwitting clowns 10.10.16 CUNY, All Too CUNY: Or, What Happens When Higher-Ed Hoodlums Aren’t Brought to Heel? 10.10.16 Trump and Tomasky: Where Liberalism and Conservatism Meet 10.08.16 Sex, Dice, and the Trump Tapes 10.06.16 A Good Time for Revolution: On Strikes and the Harvard Man 10.05.16 Harvard, In Theory and Practice 10.05.16 Bowling in Bratislava: Remembrance, Rosh Hashanah, Eichmann, and Arendt 10.01.16 When a Worker Freezes to Death in a Walk-In Freezer at the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel in Downtown Atlanta 09.27.16 Donald Trump’s one strength: He understands that we are a nation of conmen (and women) 09.27.16 Donald Trump: The Michael Dukakis of the Republican Party 09.18.16 Capitalism in the Age of Revolution: Burke, Smith, and the Problem of Value 09.12.16 Anti-Semitism at CUNY? At Brooklyn College? In the Department of Political Science? 09.10.16 What happens when a history professor at Yale opposes a grad union but doesn’t know her history? 09.05.16 Phyllis Schlafly, 1924-2016 09.05.16 Sheldon Wolin: Theoretician of the Present 09.03.16 Save UMass Labor Center 08.30.16 On Corruption at CUNY 08.25.16 Honey, I’ve been slowly boring hard boards longer than you’ve been alive. 08.24.16 Great Minds Think Alike 08.19.16 Positions Available at Brooklyn College 08.17.16 September Songs 08.15.16 Donald Trump is the least of the GOP’s problems 08.14.16 On Neoliberalism. Again. 08.11.16 How Clinton Enables the Republican Party 08.10.16 If I were worried that Clinton might lose, here’s what I would—and wouldn’t—do… 08.09.16 Sam Tanenhaus on William Styron on Nat Turner: Have we moved on from the Sixties? The Nineties? 08.09.16 My First Seven Jobs 07.31.16 Trump’s Indecent Proposal 07.30.16 Why does it matter that Donald Trump is not a novelty? 07.29.16 Philadelphia Stories: From Reagan to Trump to the DNC 07.29.16 The Other Night at Philadelphia 07.27.16 Gag Me With Calhoun 07.27.16 Booing and Nothingness 07.26.16 Liberalism and Fear: What Montesquieu has to teach us about Clinton’s Use of Trump 07.25.16 Trump knows how to rattle cages, without setting anyone free 07.24.16 Power Behind the Throne 07.24.16 Tim Kaine, and Other Faith-Based Politics 07.21.16 Check Your Amnesia, Dude: On the Vox Generation of Punditry 07.20.16 The Two Clarence Thomases 07.18.16 What’s Going On? Thoughts on the Murder of the Police 07.17.16 Bad Books 07.11.16 We can get rid of the Hitlers and the Himmlers, but not the Speers 07.11.16 Clarence Thomas: I was never a liberal, I was a radical 07.08.16 It Has Begun 07.06.16 Why Clinton’s New Tuition-Free Plan Matters 07.06.16 Season of the Bro 07.05.16 Still Blogging After All These Years 07.03.16 My Resistance to Elie Wiesel 07.02.16 From the Talmud to Judith Butler: Audiences as Co-Creators with—and of—the Public Intellectual 07.01.16 Trains, Planes, and Automobiles: On the Left’s Ideas about Money and Freedom 06.30.16 From God’s Lips to Clarence Thomas’s Ears 06.29.16 Judith Butler as a Public Intellectual 06.29.16 The Second Time Around: James Traub on Neoliberal Technocracy 06.27.16 Unintended Consequences 06.26.16 Clinton Opens Double-Digit Lead in National Poll 06.25.16 Neera and Me: Two Theses about the American Ruling Class and One About Neera Tanden 06.21.16 Maybe Money Is Speech After All: How Donald Trump’s Finances Measure His Legitimacy as a Candidate 06.21.16 Writer’s Block 06.19.16 Michael Tomasky, from June to December 06.15.16 If you want Trump-ism to go, you have to reform the Democratic Party 06.10.16 When Advertising is Action: Clarence Thomas Channels Hannah Arendt and Friedrich von Hayek 06.04.16 Muhammad Ali, Thomas Hobbes, and the Politics of Fear 06.03.16 8 Quick Thoughts on the Emmett Rensin Suspension 06.03.16 History’s Great Lowlifes: From McCarthyism to Twitter 05.29.16 The Relentless Shabbiness of CUNY: What Is To Be Done? 05.24.16 What Bernie Sanders’s choices for the DNC platform committee tell us about the Israel/Palestine debate in the US 05.21.16 Race Talk and the New Deal 05.19.16 Love Me, Love Me, Love Me, I’m a Leninist 05.19.16 Robert Kagan, Donald Trump, and the Liberal Imagination 05.11.16 Michael Ratner, 1943-2016 05.11.16 Conservatism’s Constitutional Agenda 05.10.16 Was Carl Schmitt Right After All? 05.06.16 Respect for Three Administrators at Brooklyn College 05.04.16 If Donald Trump is the George McGovern of the GOP, what does that make Hillary Clinton? 05.03.16 What did we learn today? 05.02.16 Today, I voted to authorize my union at CUNY to call a strike 05.02.16 Daniel Aaron, 1912-2016 04.30.16 John C. Calhoun at Yale 04.29.16 Neoliberalism: A Quick Follow-up 04.27.16 When Neoliberalism Was Young: A Lookback on Clintonism before Clinton 04.25.16 John Palattella: A Writer’s Editor 04.21.16 What’s a Jewish holiday without a little pressure or guilt? Maybe it’s not a holiday at all. 04.17.16 Maybe if you’re not at war with reality, you’re not focused enough: Bernie in Brooklyn 04.15.16 CUNY and NYS hypocrisy on academic freedom: okay to boycott North Carolina and Mississippi, but not Israel 04.15.16 Magical Realism, and other neoliberal delusions 04.13.16 Once upon a time, leftists purged from American academe could find a refuge abroad. Not anymore. 04.09.16 What’s going to happen to liberals when the Right begins to give way? 04.07.16 I love my students 04.06.16 Upcoming Talks on Hannah Arendt and Clarence Thomas 04.06.16 Homo Politicus ≠ Homo Wonkus 04.03.16 True confession: Sometimes I feel bad for Hillary Clinton 04.02.16 A Very Brief Intellectual Autobiography 04.01.16 In Bill Buckley’s apartment, there were trays of tissues and cigarettes 03.31.16 What Donald Trump Can Learn From Frederick Douglass 03.30.16 The arc of neoliberalism is long, but it bends toward the rich 03.29.16 The Bernie Sanders Moment: Brought to you by the generation that has no future 03.20.16 Historically, liberals and the Left have underestimated the Right. Today, they overestimate it. 03.19.16 We’re Still in Nixonland: 20 theses about the state of politics today 03.13.16 The Definitive Take on Donald Trump 03.12.16 Are We Dying of History? 03.11.16 Local 33, Yale, and the Spirit of Conservatism 03.10.16 Liberalism and the Millennials 03.06.16 “Two entries on Nancy Reagan’s birth certificate are still accurate—her sex and her color. Almost every other item was invented then or later reinvented.” 03.04.16 Same as it ever was: From Barry Goldwater to Donald Trump, “This man scares me.” 03.04.16 Trump Talk 03.02.16 Super Tuesday: March Theses 03.01.16 Notes on a Dismal and Delightful Campaign 02.27.16 Why You Should Never Listen to the Pundits 02.27.16 Hillary Clinton and Welfare Reform 02.26.16 If Europeans are from Venus, and Americans from Mars, where’s Trump from? 02.24.16 The Realist 02.22.16 Slow Boring of Hard Boards 02.15.16 See You in September 02.14.16 Hillary Clinton: Still a Goldwater Girl After All These Years 02.14.16 Law has flourished on the corpse of philosophy in America 02.14.16 Scalia: The Donald Trump of the Supreme Court 02.10.16 Is Hillary Clinton Running the Most Cynical Campaign in Recent History? 02.09.16 The Blast That Swept Him Came Off New Hampshire Snowfields and Ice-Hung Forests 02.08.16 To My Friends Who Support Hillary Clinton 02.06.16 On Electability 02.04.16 90% of what goes on at The New Yorker can be explained by Vulgar Marxism 02.02.16 Every Movement Fails. Until It Succeeds. 01.31.16 Hillary Clinton: The Ultimate Outsider 01.31.16 For Any Leftist Who Has Spent Too Much Time in Meetings… 01.28.16 Six Things You Need to Read About Donald Trump 01.26.16 Abraham Lincoln on the More Realistic, Experienced Candidate… 01.25.16 What the Clintons Mean to Me 01.25.16 What is Hillary Clinton Up To When… 01.24.16 On Ta-Nehisi Coates, Cass Sunstein, and Other Public Intellectuals 01.23.16 Clinton’s Firewall in South Carolina is Melting Away… 01.22.16 Bile, Bullshit, and Bernie: 16 Notes on the Democratic Primary 01.22.16 First They Came For… 01.20.16 Chickens Come Home to Roost, Palin-Style 01.14.16 Ellen Meiksins Wood, 1942-2016 01.09.16 On Islamist Terror and the Left 01.08.16 When White Men Complain… 01.07.16 Clarence Thomas on the One-Party State that is our Two-Party System 01.06.16 Goodbye, Lenin 01.04.16 Economics is how we moderns do politics 01.01.16 K Street in Nazi Germany 12.30.15 Hitler’s Furniture 12.27.15 This Muslim American Life: An Interview with Moustafa Bayoumi 12.22.15 Democracy’s Descent 12.20.15 Fiddler on the Roof: Our Sabbath Prayer 12.17.15 Another Victory for BDS: Doug Henwood Refuses To Sell Translation Rights 12.13.15 Another Question Raised by Benedict Anderson: What Makes an Idea Exciting for You? 12.13.15 Benedict Anderson, 1936-2015 12.10.15 What if Donald Trump is the Lesser Evil? 12.10.15 If You Were in Hell, How Would You Know It? 12.09.15 How Will the Professors Act When Fascism Comes to America? 12.09.15 Counterrevolutionary Internationale 12.08.15 Trump and the Trumpettes: In Stereo 12.04.15 We Need to Pay More Attention to Politics When We Talk about the Politics of Fear 12.03.15 Catholic University Declares 1st Amendment Right To Ignore Catholicism 11.25.15 Richard Cohen in Black and White 11.24.15 On “The Takeaway,” I Talk about the Politics of Fear, Post-Paris 11.22.15 When Universities Really Do Destroy the Past, We Don’t Care 11.22.15 On Sentimentality and College 11.21.15 What We Owe the Students at Princeton 11.18.15 The Moloch of National Security 11.17.15 Black Alumni at Yale Weigh In With Major List of Demands 11.14.15 A Prayer For Peace 11.13.15 How to Honor the Settlement Between UIUC and Steven Salaita 11.12.15 UIUC Reaches Settlement with Steven Salaita 11.12.15 What in God’s Name is the Head of PEN Talking About? 11.10.15 Belated and Inadequate: My Thoughts on Carl Schorske 11.06.15 Liberalism = Conservatism + Time 11.01.15 A Patience With Your Own Crap: Philip Roth on Writing 10.30.15 When We Betray Our Students 10.28.15 John Kasich, Meet Ronald Reagan 10.23.15 Sheldon Wolin, 1922-2015 10.21.15 Ecce Douchebag: Richard Cohen on Tipping 10.14.15 How Harvard Fights Unions: By Conceding the Union’s Most Basic Claims 10.14.15 You’ve Changed, You’re Not the Angel I Once Knew: David Brooks on the GOP 10.12.15 Publics That Don’t Exist and the Intellectuals Who Write For Them 10.09.15 When Conservatives Invoke Lincoln: From Dred Scott to Obergefell 10.02.15 NYT Public Editor Says NYTBR Conflict of Interest Is a Conflict of Interest 09.30.15 Clusterfuck of Corruption at NYT Book Review 09.28.15 Sometimes You Can Smell the Scotch Coming Off the Web Page (Updated) 09.24.15 Flaubert on Kissinger/Nixon 09.24.15 Birds of a Feather 09.20.15 Machtpolitik 09.19.15 When Henry Edited Hannah 09.19.15 No Safe Havens: From Henry Kissinger to Barack Obama 09.13.15 Smells Like Mean Spirit: Conservatism Past and Present 09.11.15 On the Other 9/11: Pinochet, Kissinger, Obama 09.09.15 Richard Flathman, 1934-2015 09.08.15 The Laggards of Academe 09.08.15 The Petty Pilfering of Minutes: Wage Theft in Contemporary America 09.07.15 Prometheus Bound: A Labor Day Story for the Left? 09.04.15 A Story for Labor Day 08.29.15 Duke, Berkeley, Columbia, Oh My: What are our students are trying to tell us 08.28.15 Security Politics, Anti-Capitalism, Student Activists, and the Left 08.23.15 After Three Weeks of Terrible Publicity, 41 UIUC Leaders Call on Administration to Resolve Crisis (Updated) 08.22.15 No more fire, the water next time: Ta-Nehisi Coates on Global Warming and White Supremacy 08.21.15 Ta-Nehisi Coates: Three Not-So-Easy Pieces 08.16.15 Family Values Fascism, from Vichy to Donald Trump 08.14.15 Why I’m Not Crying Over the Fate of Chancellor Wise 08.14.15 On the Cult of Personality and the Tolerance of Rich People 08.14.15 Wise throws down the gauntlet, consults with lawyers over her legal “options” against UIUC 08.10.15 Academic Freedom at UIUC: Freedom to Pursue Viewpoints and Positions That Reflect the Values of the State 08.08.15 Keeping Kosher and the Salaita Boycott 08.08.15 New Questions Raised About Who Exactly Made the Decision to Fire Salaita 08.07.15 Chancellor Wise Forced To Release Emails From Personal Account 08.06.15 On the One-Year Anniversary of the Salaita Story, Some Good News 08.02.15 Capitalism Can’t Remember Where I Left My Keys 07.31.15 The Bullshit Beyond Ideology 07.25.15 On the New York Intellectuals 07.24.15 Foreign Policy is Domestic Policy is Foreign Policy is Domestic Policy is… 07.17.15 When David Brooks Knows He May Not Know Whereof He Speaks 07.14.15 Monday Morning at the Wagners 07.10.15 American Ambivalence: The Limitations of the Writer in the US 07.10.15 Walt Whitman, Bolshevik 07.09.15 Mary McCarthy on the Work of Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction 07.08.15 Nietzsche on the Situation in Greece 07.05.15 Aladdin and Value 06.29.15 From Whitney Houston to Obergefell: Clarence Thomas on Human Dignity 06.29.15 Out in Texas: Where public is private and private is public 06.24.15 Mi Casa Es Su Casa 06.24.15 Why Do We Fear the Things We Do: Maybe the Wrong Question (Updated) 06.21.15 Thoughts on Charleston 06.19.15 You Have to Go: Dylann Roof in Historical Perspective 06.17.15 The Liberating Power of the Dismal Science 06.15.15 If Only Chancellor Wise Read John Stuart Mill… 06.09.15 Hannah Arendt and Philip Roth: Parallel Lives 06.07.15 How Corporations Control Politics 06.06.15 Poetry and Power: Challenges for an Aesthetics of the Left 06.05.15 The Narcissism of Our Metaphors 05.25.15 Fight Racism. Confirm Clarence Thomas. (Updated) 05.19.15 Joseph de Maistre in Saudi Arabia 05.13.15 Arendt, Israel, and Why Jews Have So Many Rules 05.05.15 From the Department of You Just Can’t Make This Shit Up 05.03.15 Frederick Douglass in and on Baltimore 04.26.15 Splendor in the Nordic Grass 04.26.15 When George Packer gets bored, I get scared: It Means he’s in the mood for war 04.25.15 Why the Left Should Support Star Wars: It’ll Never Work 04.24.15 Columbia University Bans Workers From Speaking Spanish 04.23.15 A military operation so vital to US interests they forgot to name it: What would Hobbes say? 04.23.15 Is the public intellectual a thing of the past? What do I think of Cornel West? 04.22.15 Checking Your Privilege At Auschwitz 04.21.15 Primo Levi, “For Adolf Eichmann” 04.20.15 Conservatism is not about time, the past, tradition, or history 04.20.15 The Avoidance of the Intellectual 04.19.15 To Extend the Word Art to All the Externals of Our Life 04.17.15 Yom HaShoah: Three Readings 04.14.15 Before you get that PhD… 04.06.15 From the Lefty Profs Use Lefty Buzzwords to Break Strikes Department 04.05.15 Alumni Diplomacy 03.31.15 Counterrevolutionary Backsliding, from the Golden Calf to Keynes 03.29.15 More on Biden and the Jews: A Response to Critics of My Salon Column 03.29.15 Do the Jews Not Belong in the United States? 03.27.15 Employment Contracts versus the Covenant at Sinai 03.27.15 Sam Fleischacker’s Followup 03.26.15 Why Is So Much of Our Discussion of Higher Ed Driven by Elite Institutions? 03.25.15 Nakba, the Night of Bad Dreams 03.22.15 Biden to American Jews: We Can’t Protect You, Only Israel Can 03.19.15 “It breaks my heart to say this, but today I don’t feel I can call myself a Zionist any longer.” 03.19.15 Readings for Passover: Rousseau on Moses and the Jews 03.18.15 What Every Reporter Should Be Asking John Kerry Between Now and April 18 03.13.15 British Government Tries to Dershowitz Southampton University 03.13.15 Without Getting Into History 03.09.15 The Lives They Touched 03.09.15 Irony Watch 03.08.15 My new column at Salon: on racism, privilege talk, and schools 03.07.15 Thomas Hobbes on Daylight Saving 02.28.15 Awakening to Cultural Studies 02.27.15 What do Hannah Arendt and Mel Brooks Have in Common? 02.27.15 Darkness at Noon: The Musical 02.19.15 Human Rights, Blah Blah Blah 02.18.15 We Won! UMass Backs Down! 02.16.15 These are the Terrorists Whom UMass Will No Longer Allow to Apply 02.16.15 The Real Mad Men of History 02.15.15 I am a Communist, not an Idiot 02.14.15 State Department Expresses Surprise Over UMass policy 02.13.15 I, the Holocaust, Am Your God 02.12.15 U. Mass. Will Not Admit Iranian Students to Schools of Engineering and Natural Sciences (Updated) 02.12.15 Kristin Ross on The Paris Commune 02.12.15 How Will It End? 02.11.15 When Conservatives Didn’t Get Tough on Crime: National Review on the Eichmann Trial 02.09.15 How to Fight for Human Rights in the 21st Century 02.08.15 Arendt LOL 02.08.15 Reading the NYT, I Begin to Sympathize with Clarence Thomas 02.06.15 Blog Redesign 02.04.15 The Epic Bureaucrat 02.01.15 A Tale of Two Snowballs 01.27.15 On International Holocaust Remembrance Day 01.27.15 Gleichschaltung 01.26.15 On Public Intellectuals 01.21.15 Let’s Make a Deal 01.14.15 Thoughts on Violence 01.13.15 The Touchy Irving Howe 01.11.15 The Internationalism of the American Civil War 01.08.15 NYPD Goes Full Mario Savio 01.07.15 The Age of Acquiescence 01.04.15 Baghdad, Yesterday, Jerusalem, Tomorrow 12.29.14 Even the liberal New Republic… 12.28.14 From Galicia to Brooklyn: Seven Generations of My Family 12.26.14 The one thing Leon Wieseltier ever got right 12.23.14 Golda Meier Saw the Future 12.22.14 Can it be? A New Republic that’s not self-important? 12.22.14 A Weimar-y Vibe 12.22.14 Because you were strangers in the land of Egypt 12.15.14 NYT Weighs in on Civility and the Salaita Case 12.14.14 “True, it all happened a long time ago, but it has haunted me ever since.” 12.14.14 Final Thoughts on The New Republic 12.13.14 In Defense of Taking Things Out of Context 12.12.14 Three Thoughts on Liberal Zionism and BDS 12.12.14 Lenin Loved the New York Public Library. Why can’t we? 12.07.14 Alfred Kazin on The New Republic in 1989: Parvenu Smugness, Post-Liberal Bitterness, and Town Gossips 12.06.14 Saskia Sassen…Willem Sassen…Adolf Eichmann 12.05.14 The problem with The New Republic 12.05.14 More News on the Salaita Case 11.22.14 Why are you singling out my posts on Israel/Palestine? 11.21.14 In Response to Pending Grad Strike at U. Oregon, Administration Urges Faculty to Make Exams Multiple Choice or Allow Students Not to Take Them 11.20.14 Steven Salaita at Brooklyn College 11.13.14 Israel, Palestine, and the “Myth and Symbol” of American Studies 11.13.14 The Labor Theory of Value at the University of Illinois 11.13.14 David Ricardo: Machiavelli of the Margin 11.11.14 A Palestinian Exception…at Brooklyn College 11.11.14 Contemporary liberalism: minimalism at home, maximalism abroad 11.10.14 Sign Petition for Princeton to Divest from Companies Involved in the Israeli Occupation 11.10.14 Multicultural, Intersectional: It’s Not Your Daddy’s KKK 11.09.14 Thoughts on Migration and Exile on the 25th Anniversary of the Fall of the Berlin Wall 11.08.14 From Berlin to Jerusalem 11.08.14 Send in the Couch Brigades: A Palimpsest of Freud, Phillip Rieff, and the Sandinistas 11.04.14 Adjunct Positions at Brooklyn College 11.02.14 The Bad Stats of Adolph Eichmann 11.02.14 Jews, Camps, and the Red Cross 10.29.14 The Problem with Liberalism Today 10.27.14 Liberalism Then and Now 10.26.14 Dayenu in Reverse: The Passover Canon of Arendt’s Critics 10.25.14 On Arendt and Jewish Collaboration with the Nazis 10.23.14 What’s the point of having a political theory of American insanity when American insanity so seamlessly theorizes itself? 10.23.14 Sheldon Wolin’s the reason I began drinking coffee 10.23.14 David Brooks, Edmund Burke, and Me 10.22.14 Adolph Eichmann: Funny Man? 10.21.14 Ah, Princeton: Where the 1950s never died 10.21.14 Congratulations, John Adams: You Got CUNY’d 10.19.14 When I draw comparisons between libertarians and slaveholders… 10.17.14 George Lakoff and Me 10.17.14 Of Collaborators and Careerists 10.16.14 Princeton Hillel Ponders Barring Princeton Professor from Speaking at Event on His Own Campus 10.14.14 David Greenglass, 1922-2014 10.13.14 There’s got to be a better way to prep for class 10.13.14 That’s Not Nice! 10.12.14 Von Mises to Milton Friedman: You’re all a bunch of socialists 10.07.14 Violence Against Women and the Politics of Fear 10.06.14 Cynthia Ozick and the Palestinians 10.04.14 Two-Year Visiting Professor Position at Brooklyn College 10.03.14 Forgiveness, Yom Kippur, and Arendt 10.02.14 References No One Seems to Have Checked 10.02.14 Did Hannah Arendt Ever See Eichmann Testify? A Second Reply to Richard Wolin 10.01.14 The Arendt Wars Continue: Richard Wolin v. Seyla Benhabib 09.30.14 Why I’m always on the internet… 09.29.14 O, Adam Smith, Wherefore Art Thou? 09.29.14 Smith/Brecht 09.29.14 Is the Boycott of the University of Illinois Illiberal? 09.28.14 It’s Not the Crime, It’s the Cover-up 09.27.14 What Is Wrong With Zionism 09.26.14 Copyrights and Property Wrongs 09.24.14 Thinking about Hannah Arendt and Adolph Eichmann on Erev Rosh Hashanah 09.20.14 From the Arms Race to Climate Change, Conservatives Have Never Cared Much About the Day After 09.19.14 Chronicle of Higher Ed Profiles Me and My Blog 09.18.14 Barack Obama’s Upside-Down Schmittianism 09.17.14 Forget Pinkwashing; Israel Has a Lavender Scare 09.15.14 I have here in my hand a list of 205 09.15.14 How Do I Deal With Israel/Palestine in the Classroom? I Don’t. 09.14.14 You could listen to Chancellor Wise on civility… 09.14.14 Settler Society, Global Empire: Aziz Rana and Nikhil Singh on the American State 09.13.14 It’s directly against company policy for an employee to use blood to write “revenge” on the conference room walls 09.12.14 Six Statements on Salaita in Search of a Thesis 09.12.14 Why Arendt might not have read Benito Cereno (if she did indeed not read Benito Cereno) 09.11.14 The Personnel is Political 09.10.14 One last chance to send a BRIEF email to the Board of Trustees 09.09.14 A Palestinian Exception to the First Amendment 09.09.14 Over 5000 Scholars Boycotting the UIUC 09.08.14 Salaita to Speak at Press Conference Tomorrow at UIUC 09.08.14 Civility, One Chair to Another 09.07.14 The Reason I Don’t Believe in Civility is That I Do Believe in Civility 09.07.14 Academic Mores and Manners in the Salaita Affair 09.07.14 Who is Steven Salaita? 09.06.14 More Procedural Violations in Salaita Case (Updated) 09.05.14 Political Scientists: Boycott UIUC! 09.05.14 A UI Trustee Breaks Ranks! We Have an Opening! 09.05.14 Breaking: Chancellor Wise Disavows Her Own Decision as Her Administration Unravels 09.04.14 A Palestine Picture Book 09.04.14 Chancellor Wise Speaks 09.03.14 More Votes of No Confidence, a Weird Ad, and a Declaration of a Non-Emergency 09.03.14 E-Mail the University of Illinois Board of Trustees (Updated) 09.02.14 Reading the Salaita Papers 09.01.14 Breaking News! Wise to Forward Salaita Appointment to Trustees! 09.01.14 Labor Day Readings 08.31.14 Salaita By the Numbers: 5 Cancelled Lectures, 3 Votes of No Confidence, 3849 Boycotters, and 1 NYT Article (Updated Thrice) 08.26.14 What Would Mary Beard Do? Bonnie Honig On How a Different Chancellor Might Respond to the Salaita Affair 08.25.14 Follow the Money at the University of Illinois 08.24.14 A Letter from Bonnie Honig to Phyllis Wise 08.24.14 Sneaking Out the Back Door to Hang Out With Those Hoodlum Friends of Mine 08.24.14 A Modest Proposal 08.23.14 Cary Nelson Was For Fairness Before He Was Against It 08.23.14 More than 3000 Scholars Boycott the University of Illinois! 08.21.14 2700 Scholars Boycott UI; Philosopher Cancels Prestigious Lecture; Salaita Deemed Excellent Teacher; and UI Trustees Meet Again (Updated) (Updated again) 08.18.14 Breaking: UI Trustees meeting, as we tweet 08.15.14 What is an Employee? 08.15.14 Top Legal Scholars Decry “Chilling” Effect of Salaita Dehiring 08.14.14 Over 1500 Scholars to University of Illinois: We Will Not Engage With You! 08.13.14 New Revelations in the Salaita Affair; Two New Statements of Refusal 08.13.14 More Than 275 Scholars Declare They Will Not Engage With University of Illinois 08.12.14 Russell Berman is against one-sided panels… 08.12.14 Calling all English Professors 08.12.14 Calling All Political Scientists (and Philosophers) 08.10.14 The Cary Nelson Standard of HireFire (Updated) (Updated again) 08.08.14 A Next Step in the Fight for Steven Salaita? 08.08.14 What Exactly Did Steven Salaita Mean By That Tweet? 08.07.14 Shit and Curses, and Other Updates on the Steven Salaita Affair (Updated) 08.06.14 Would the University of Illinois HireFire Nathan Glazer? 08.06.14 University of Illinois Chancellor Comes out in Favor of Academic Freedom! Oh, wait a minute… 08.06.14 Six Statements Cary Nelson Thinks Should Get You Unhired at the University of Illinois 08.06.14 Another Professor Punished for Anti-Israel Views 08.01.14 Capitalism and Slavery 07.31.14 Operation Firm Cliff 07.29.14 It’s On! 07.28.14 I’m joining Norm Finkelstein tomorrow to commit civil disobedience in protest of Israel’s war on Gaza 07.28.14 The Higher Sociopathy 07.27.14 A Gaza Breviary 07.16.14 An Archive For Buckley, Kristol, and Podhoretz Interviews? 07.12.14 The Limits of Libertarianism 06.30.14 Why Go After Women and Workers? The Reactionary Mind Explains It All For You. 06.30.14 A Reader’s Guide to Hobby Lobby 06.28.14 The Disappointment of Hannah Arendt (the film) 06.27.14 When the CIO Was Young 06.25.14 Supreme Court rules: the government can’t search your cellphone without a warrant; the boss can. 06.19.14 An Imperial Shit 06.17.14 When Presidents Get Bored 06.16.14 Why Aren’t the Poor More Responsible? 06.14.14 My Dirty Little Secret: I Ride the Rails to Read 05.30.14 Going to My College Reunion 05.30.14 What Made Evangelical Christians Come Out of the Closet? 05.26.14 When Intellectuals Go to War 05.26.14 Free-Market Orientalism 05.24.14 These Housekeepers Asked Sheryl Sandberg to Lean In with Them. What Happened Next Will Not Amaze You. 05.22.14 And now, for another view of Hitler 05.21.14 All the News That Was Fit to Print Ten Years Ago 05.20.14 Stalinism on the Installment Plan 05.19.14 The War on Workers’ Rights 05.16.14 Mr. Carter’s Missive 05.13.14 Reality Bites 05.13.14 The Gender Gap in Political Theory 05.08.14 Machiavelli: The Novel 05.05.14 Clarence Thomas’s Counterrevolution 05.05.14 The Calculus of Their Consent: Gary Becker, Pinochet, and the Chicago Boys 05.01.14 Queering the Strike 04.30.14 The Closer You Get 04.30.14 Clarence X? 04.29.14 What is Enlightenment when the State is Schizophrenic? It’s The Jewish Question! 04.27.14 How Long Do You Have to Practice Apartheid Before You Become an Apartheid State? 04.27.14 Has There Ever Been a Better Patron of the Arts Than the CIA? 04.26.14 Schooling in Capitalist America 04.25.14 How We Do Intellectual History at the New York Times 04.25.14 NYU: where Socratic dialogue is a Soviet-style four-hour oration from the Dear Leader 04.25.14 My Intro to American Government syllabus… 04.25.14 On Writerly Historians 04.24.14 Speaking on Clarence Thomas at the University of Washington 04.23.14 On the death of Gabriel García Marquez 04.22.14 Classical Liberalism ≠ Libertarianism, Vol. 2 04.22.14 Tyler Cowen is one of Nietzsche’s Marginal Children 04.22.14 Three Theses (not really: more like two graphs and a link) on Nazism and Capitalism 04.20.14 Why Does the Winger Whine? What Does the Winger Want? 04.20.14 Next time someone tells you the Nazis were anti-capitalist… 04.17.14 Eleven Things You Did Not Know About Clarence Thomas 04.13.14 Being in Egypt: When Jews Were a Demographic Time Bomb 04.12.14 Wherever you live, it is probably Egypt: Thoughts on Passover 03.27.14 Upcoming Talks and Events 03.25.14 Is the Left More Opposed to Free Speech Today than It Used to Be? 03.22.14 Hannah Arendt, Lawrence of Arabia, and Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 03.20.14 The Uncharacteristically Obtuse Mr. Chait 03.12.14 Further Thoughts on Nick Kristof 03.11.14 David Brooks: Better In the Original German 03.04.14 There’s no business like Shoah business 03.02.14 Vanessa Redgrave at the Oscars 03.01.14 Gaza: A Tower of Babel in Reverse 02.20.14 Backlash Barbie 02.19.14 James Madison and Elia Kazan: Theory and Practice 02.16.14 Look Who Nick Kristof’s Saving Now 02.14.14 Valentine’s Day 02.14.14 Silence and Segregation: On Clarence Thomas as a Lacanian Performance Artist 02.13.14 Death and Taxes 02.08.14 Did Bob Dahl Really Say That? (Updated) 02.06.14 But for the boycott there would be academic freedom 02.05.14 Peter Beinart Speaks Truth About BDS 02.04.14 Why this NYS bill is so much worse than I thought 02.04.14 The NYT Gets It Right — and, Even More Amazing, We Have an Open Letter For You to Sign! 02.03.14 Columbia University to NYS Legislature: Back Off! 02.02.14 An Unoriginal Thought About the Israel/Palestine Conflict 02.01.14 Why You Should Worry More About NYS Legislation than the ASA Boycott of Israel 01.31.14 Jewfros in Palestine 01.29.14 The Beauty of the Blacklist: In Memory of Pete Seeger 01.24.14 Where Would the Tea Party Be Without Feminism? 01.22.14 O Yale…(Updated, Again and Again and Again) 01.18.14 The Poetics and Politics of Time 01.17.14 I’ve Looked at BDS from Both Sides Now. Oh, wait…(Updated) 01.16.14 The N Word in Israel 01.15.14 Aristocrats of the world, unite! You have nothing to lose but your…shame. 01.13.14 More News on Charges Involving Brooklyn College Worker Education Center 01.12.14 The Lights of Jaffa 01.12.14 If I forget thee, O Jerusalem 01.11.14 The Implication of “Why Single Out Israel?” Is Do Nothing At All 01.10.14 A Challenge to Critics of BDS 01.09.14 Alan Dershowitz Wants You! 01.08.14 The New McCarthyites: BDS, Its Critics, and Academic Freedom 01.06.14 From Here to Eternity: The Occupation in Historical Perspective 01.02.14 A Very Elite Backlash 01.01.14 Are Israeli Universities Critics of or Collaborators with the Israeli Government? 12.29.13 A Very Bourgeois Post on Buying a House 12.28.13 NYU President John Sexton Supports the Boycott of Israel. Just Not the ASA Boycott. 12.23.13 Does the ASA Boycott Violate Academic Freedom? A Roundtable 12.19.13 My Christmas Picks 12.18.13 When it comes to the boycott of Israel, who has the real double standard? 12.18.13 Freud on Global Warming 12.18.13 David Brooks Says 12.13.13 A Response to Michael Kazin on BDS and Campus Activism (Updated) 12.11.13 Must Malcolm Gladwell Mean What He Says? 12.10.13 Socialism: Converting Hysterical Misery into Ordinary Unhappiness for a Hundred Years 12.09.13 We Are an Open Hillel (Updated Again) 12.07.13 Albert Camus Dancing 12.06.13 Jumaane Williams and Dov Hikind 12.04.13 When Professors Oppose Unions 11.24.13 Can I Come Back into the Tent Now, Rabbi Goldberg? 11.23.13 Adam Smith ♥ High Wages 11.21.13 What a F*ing Scandal the Senate Is 11.16.13 Only Bertrand Russell could ever write something like this 11.16.13 My Life 11.12.13 Socialism would mean… 11.08.13 A Footnote to History 11.08.13 ALEC supports worker collectivism and redistribution of wealth 11.08.13 Speak, Memory 11.07.13 Right to Work Laws are Good for Unions, but not for the Chamber of Commerce 11.02.13 LBJ on Black Power 10.31.13 Dayenu at Yale 10.30.13 The Right to an Education: This Won’t Hurt a Bit 10.30.13 When Richard Nixon Met Karl Polanyi 10.28.13 For the New Intellectual… 10.24.13 Burke in Debt 10.23.13 The Moderate and the McCarthyite: The Case of Robert Taft 10.20.13 How I Met Your Mother, or, When Unions Disrupt the Disruptors 10.19.13 Eric Alterman v. Max Blumenthal 10.17.13 The History of Fear, Part 5 10.15.13 Nozick: Libertarians are “filled…with resentment at other freer ways of being” 10.11.13 Same As It Ever Was 10.09.13 WTF Does Obama Think They Were Doing at Stonewall? 10.08.13 Upstairs, Downstairs at the University of Chicago 10.08.13 Study Finds Grad Student Unions Actually Improve Things 10.07.13 The only people who cared about literature were the KGB 10.05.13 David Grossman v. Max Blumenthal 10.04.13 The Washington Post: America’s Imperial Scribes 10.03.13 Mark Zuckerberg, Meet George Pullman 10.03.13 Adam Smith on the Mobility of Labor v. Capital 10.02.13 Adam Smith Was Never an Adjunct 09.30.13 The History of Fear, Part 4 09.30.13 Yes, You Can Be Fired for Liking My Little Pony 09.29.13 The History of Fear, Part 3 09.28.13 The History of Fear, Part 2 09.27.13 The History of Fear, Part 1 09.25.13 Classical Liberalism ≠ Libertarianism 09.24.13 Van Jones Does Gershom Scholem One Better 09.24.13 The Voice of the Counterrevolution 09.24.13 If things seem better in Jerusalem, it’s because they’re worse 09.22.13 I was on NPR Weekend Edition 09.21.13 David Petraeus: Voldemort Comes to CUNY 09.19.13 Faculty to University of Oregon: Oh No We Don’t! 09.18.13 When Kafka was NOT the rage 09.15.13 University of Oregon to Faculty: You Belong to Me! 09.13.13 Adam Smith: The Real Spirit of Capitalism? 09.12.13 Marshall Berman, 1940-2013 09.11.13 I feel about Henry Kissinger the way Edmund Burke felt about Warren Hastings 09.11.13 It’s 9/11. Do you know where Henry Kissinger is? 09.06.13 Jews Without Israel 09.01.13 When it comes to Edward Snowden, the London Times of 1851 was ahead of the New York Times of 2013 08.24.13 Jesus Christ, I’m at Yale 08.15.13 Jean Bethke Elshtain Was No Realist 08.01.13 Robert Bellah, McCarthyism, and Harvard 07.31.13 Benno Schmidt, what university are you a trustee of? 07.30.13 More Information on Brooklyn College Worker Ed Center 07.28.13 Islam Is the Jewish Question of the 21st Century 07.26.13 Please do not sign Brooklyn College Worker Ed Petition 07.24.13 ACLU Demands Loyalty of Its Employees 07.22.13 When it comes to our parents, we are all the memoirists of writers 07.19.13 Jackson Lears on Edward Snowden 07.19.13 Libertarianism, the Confederacy, and Historical Memory 07.16.13 If you’re getting lessons in democracy from Margaret Thatcher, you’re doing it wrong 07.15.13 What the Market Will Bear 07.15.13 CUNY Backs Down (Way Down) on Petraeus 07.12.13 Next Week in Petraeusgate 07.11.13 Paul Krugman on Petraeusgate 07.11.13 Petraeus Prerequisites 07.10.13 This is What We’re Paying $150,000 For? 07.10.13 More Coverup at CUNY? 07.08.13 NYC Councilman Initiates Petition to CUNY re Petraeus 07.07.13 A Debate on Petraeusgate 07.07.13 When Philip Roth Taught at CUNY 07.07.13 Charles Murray Meets Dr. Mengele in the California Prison System 07.07.13 Thomas Friedman: You Give Clichés a Bad Name 07.06.13 Not Even a Bourgeois Freedom: Freedom of Contract in John Roberts’s America 07.06.13 An Interview with Cynthia Ozick 07.05.13 When CUNY Hired Lillian Hellman 07.05.13 Mayoral Candidate Bill de Blasio Calls on CUNY to Renegotiate Petraeus Deal 07.05.13 Even Don Draper Went to CUNY 07.04.13 Petraeusgate: Anatomy of a Scandal 07.04.13 Bourgeois Freedoms 07.03.13 It’s Official: CUNY Scandal Upgraded to “Petraeusgate” 07.03.13 In a Hole, CUNY Digs Deeper 07.02.13 NYS Assemblyman (and Iraq War Vet) Blasts CUNY Over Petraeus: Says Administrators Are Lying 07.02.13 Talking about Nietzsche and the Austrians 07.01.13 Pay us like you pay Petraeus 06.26.13 If Reagan Were Pinochet…Sigh 06.25.13 The Hayek-Pinochet Connection: A Second Reply to My Critics 06.24.13 Nietzsche, Hayek, and the Austrians: A Reply to My Critics 06.18.13 Edward Snowden’s Retail Psychoanalysts in the Media 06.17.13 Rights of Labor v. Tyranny of Capital 06.14.13 Bob Fitch on Left v. Right 06.14.13 Think you have nothing to hide from surveillance? Think again. 06.13.13 Theory and Practice at NYU 06.11.13 David Brooks: The Last Stalinist 06.10.13 Snitches and Whistleblowers: Who would you rather be? 06.06.13 Jumaane Williams and the Brooklyn College BDS Controversy Revisited 06.03.13 Panel discussion tonight: Hayek’s Triumph, Nietzsche’s Example, the Market’s Morals 05.27.13 Arbeit Macht Frei 05.20.13 Obama at Morehouse, LBJ at Howard 05.16.13 Everything you know about the movement against the Vietnam War is wrong 05.13.13 Critics respond to “Nietzsche’s Marginal Children” 05.10.13 Ronald Reagan: Ríos Montt is “totally dedicated to democracy” 05.09.13 The Leopold and Loeb of Modern Libertarianism 05.07.13 Brooklyn BDS Saga Continues: NYC Councilman Lewis Fidler Demands Poli Sci Hire Pro-Israel Faculty 05.05.13 The False Attribution: Our Democratic Poetry 05.05.13 In the new issue of Jacobin… 05.04.13 Edmund Burke to Niall Ferguson: You know nothing of my work. You mean my whole theory is wrong. How you ever got to teach a course in anything is totally amazing. 05.02.13 What the F*ck is Katie Roiphe Talking About? 05.02.13 Petraeus may not be quite all in at CUNY 04.29.13 Look Who’s Teaching at CUNY! 04.29.13 Petraeus is Coming to CUNY. Just “like the invasion of Iraq.” 04.25.13 Would It Not Be Easier for Matt Yglesias to Dissolve the Bangladeshi People and Elect Another? 04.25.13 Among Friends 04.23.13 How Two Can Make One: Nietzsche on Truth, Mises on Value, and Arendt on Judgment 04.21.13 God Bless Benno Schmidt 04.19.13 The Idle Rich and the Working Stiff: Nietzche von Hayek on Capital v. Labor 04.17.13 Nietzsche von Hayek on Merit 04.17.13 From the Annals of Imperial Assymetry: Greg Grandin on the Venezuelan Election 04.17.13 The Price of Labor: Burke, Nietzsche, and Menger 04.15.13 One Newspaper, Two Elections: The New York Times on America 2004, Venezuela 2013 04.10.13 Nietzsche and the Marginals, again 04.09.13 Shulamith Firestone and the Private Life of Power 04.08.13 From the Mixed-Up Files of Mr. Jon Lee Anderson 04.08.13 The Lady’s Not for Turning 04.02.13 Market Morals: Nietzsche on the Media, Adam Smith and the Blacklist 03.30.13 Anne Frank’s Diary Should Have Been Burned 03.30.13 Mr. Mailer, when you dip your balls in ink, what color ink is it? 03.28.13 The Libertarian Map of Freedom 03.28.13 Why Noam Chomsky Can Sound like a Broken Record 03.27.13 Black Panthers v. Reactionary Minds 03.25.13 Why Did Liberals Support the Iraq War? 03.20.13 Ezra Klein’s Biggest Mistake 03.20.13 Edmund Burke on the Free Market 03.17.13 George W. Bush did not always lie about Iraq 03.17.13 On the anniversaries of My Lai and Iraq, we say “for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.” 03.16.13 Educate a Straussian: Support the Workers at Pomona College 03.14.13 I am not a racist. I just hate democracy. 03.12.13 The US Senate: Where Democracy Goes to Die 03.11.13 Wendy Kopp, Princeton Tory 03.10.13 The Smartest Guy in the Room 03.07.13 Guess How Much I Love You 03.05.13 I Debate a Reagan Administration Official about Freedom and the Workplace 03.04.13 The Wizard of Oz 03.03.13 Israel v. Palestine, Plessy v. Ferguson 03.02.13 Lucille Dickess (1934-2013): American Radical 02.27.13 What do Glenn Greenwald, Alan Dershowitz, and the Israeli UN Ambassador have in common? 02.23.13 “Corey Robin, if he’s watching this, is losing his mind.” 02.19.13 New Information on that False Shout of Fire in a Theater 02.17.13 Falsely Shouting Fire in a Theater: How a Forgotten Labor Struggle Became a National Obsession and Emblem of Our Constitutional Faith 02.12.13 Israeli Ambassador: I Balance Myself 02.08.13 Who Really Supports Hate Speech at Brooklyn College? 02.08.13 Tonight at Brooklyn College 02.06.13 They All Fall Down: “Progressives” Back off From Their Demands to Poli Sci 02.06.13 Bloomberg to City Council: Back the F*ck Off! 02.05.13 A Sinking Ship? 2 politicians jump, there may be a 3rd. 02.05.13 The CUNY Talks and Panels Christine Quinn Supported When She Wasn’t Running for Mayor 02.05.13 One politician doubles down, one politician backs down, and one student stands up 02.04.13 The Tide Turns: Letitia James Backs Off From Threats to CUNY 02.04.13 Where Does Mayor Bloomberg Stand on Academic Freedom? 02.03.13 The Question of Palestine at Brooklyn College, Then and Now 02.03.13 NYC Council Threatens to Withdraw $ if Poli Sci Doesn’t Withdraw Cosponsorship 02.02.13 Keith Gessen, Joan Scott, and others weigh in on Brooklyn College controversy 01.21.13 The White Moderate: The Greatest Threat to Freedom 01.15.13 The State Should Not Pardon Aaron Swartz 01.02.13 The fiscal cliff is just Act 2 of a 3-Act Play 12.27.12 Highlights from Jacobin 12.26.12 My Top 5 Posts of the Year (and a little extra) 12.22.12 Rimbaud Conservatism 12.19.12 Statement of Support for Erik Loomis 12.17.12 Taxes, and Cuts, and Drones: Obama’s Imperialism of the Peasants 12.14.12 The Four Most Beautiful Words in the English Language: I Told You So 12.12.12 An Open Letter to Glenn Greenwald 12.06.12 New York Times: It’s Not Like Bradley Manning is O.J. Simpson or Something 12.04.12 A Question for A.O. Scott and Ta-Nehisi Coates 12.02.12 Jefferson’s Race Obsession is a Response to Emancipation, not Slavery 12.01.12 Thomas Jefferson: American Fascist? 11.30.12 Brian Leiter on Nietzsche and Ressentiment 11.30.12 Dwight Garner: Meet George Orwell 11.29.12 When Katie Roiphe and Dwight Garner keep me up at night 11.28.12 When It Comes to Lincoln, We’re Still Virgins 11.26.12 There are no libertarians on flagpoles. 11.25.12 Steven Spielberg’s White Men of Democracy 11.20.12 Conservatives: Who’s Your Daddy? 11.18.12 Barack Obama, Ironist of American History 11.17.12 Nietzsche, the Jews, and other obsessions 11.14.12 Doris, we’re in (with Paul Krugman)! 11.09.12 AIDS in the Age of Reagan 11.09.12 Will Obama not only take us over the fiscal cliff but also keep us there? 11.08.12 Bertolt Brecht Comes to CUNY 11.07.12 Testing the Melissa Harris-Perry Thesis 11.07.12 An Army of Rape Philosophers 11.07.12 Conservatism is Dead…Because It Lives 11.05.12 I’m a libertarian. Which is why I’m voting for Mitt Romney. 11.03.12 The Fine Print: Produce Urine in a Timely Fashion or We’ll Charge You 11.02.12 Held With Bail 10.31.12 All that good, expensive gas wasted on the Jews! 10.27.12 Suffer the Children 10.26.12 American Feudalism: It’s Not Just a Metaphor 10.25.12 My Media Empire Expands 10.25.12 Dictatorships and Double Standards 10.23.12 In Hollywood Hotel, Maids are Watched by a Dog Named Rex 10.23.12 Kai Ryssdal, Call Me! 10.22.12 I Speak Out for Athletes Everywhere 10.21.12 Things Obama Says When Famous People Die 10.21.12 The Army as a Concentration Camp 10.20.12 How Could Mere Toil Align Thy Choiring Strings? A Breviary of Worker Intimidation 10.18.12 Forced to Choose: Capitalism as Existentialism 10.17.12 Age of Counterrevolution 10.15.12 The Kochs’ Libertarian Hypocrisy: It’s Worse Than You Think 10.15.12 The Koch Brothers Read Hayek 10.13.12 Libertarianism in Honduras 10.04.12 I Have the Most Awesome Students in the World. And You Can Help Them. 10.02.12 I am so loving that lesser evil! 10.01.12 Getting on Board 09.24.12 Matt Yglesias’s China Syndrome 09.18.12 Hurting the Kids 09.18.12 NPR Says Karen Lewis is Too….Something to Speak for Teachers 09.12.12 Why Do People Hate Teachers Unions? Because They Hate Teachers. 09.11.12 Every Time Terry Moran Speaks, a Butterfly Flaps Its Wings and a Chicago Teacher Makes 1/2 Her Salary 09.10.12 Terry Moran: How much fucking money do you make a year? 09.07.12 Might We Not Want a GOP Congress Come November? 09.06.12 NYPD in Israel: Hannah Arendt on the Best Police Department in the World 09.05.12 Will Work for Free: The Democratic Mantra 08.31.12 Not Your Father’s Labor Movement 08.30.12 We’re Going To Tax Their Ass Off! 08.30.12 Never Can Say Goodbye 08.28.12 Coal Miners Forced to Attend Romney Rally: “Attendance at the event was mandatory, but no one was forced to attend.” 08.26.12 My appearance on Up With Chris Hayes 08.24.12 I’m going to be on TV 08.23.12 Montana: State of Exception 08.21.12 Don’t Let the Workers Drive the Bus! 08.16.12 AT&T: What Part of “Lunch Break” Do You Not Understand? 08.15.12 Crackdown on Occupy Probably Not Organized by the Obama Administration 08.14.12 The Vulgarity of Sylvia Nasar’s Beautiful Mind 08.11.12 Ryan, and Mises, and Rand! Oh, my! 08.08.12 If you’re a customer, you get to make noise; if you’re a worker, you don’t. 08.06.12 9 Ways to Get Yourself Fired 08.06.12 If Only We Knew How to Decrease Unemployment… 08.03.12 Who’s the Greater Threat to Freedom? Chicago or Chick-fil-A? 08.03.12 I Respect Michele Bachmann 07.31.12 Epitaph on an Army of Mercenaries 07.30.12 Águas de Março 07.30.12 The Drone: Joseph de Maistre’s Executioner 07.27.12 Lunch Break Utopia (Cont.) 07.26.12 A Caribbean-born Gay Jew Leading the US Confederacy? 07.24.12 Liberalism Agonistes 07.23.12 More on Alexander Cockburn 07.21.12 Alexander Cockburn, 1941-2012 07.20.12 Eli’s Comin’—Hide Your Heart, Girl: Why Yale is Going to Singapore 07.19.12 Desperate Housewives 07.18.12 When Hayek Met Pinochet 07.17.12 Viña del Mar: A Veritable International of the Free-Market Counterrevolution 07.17.12 The Road to Viña del Mar 07.16.12 When lunch breaks disappear, where do they go? 07.13.12 Wow, Tyler Cowen, How Much Paper Do They Steal at GMU? And Other Responses to the Libertarians 07.11.12 Kissinger: Allende More Dangerous Than Castro 07.11.12 Friedrich Del Mar*: More on Hayek, Pinochet, and Chile 07.09.12 But wait, there’s more: Hayek von Pinochet, Part 2 07.08.12 Hayek von Pinochet 07.07.12 When Utopia Becomes a Lunch Break 07.07.12 Thank You For Smoking 07.06.12 Mini-Wars 07.04.12 Give Me Liberty, or Give Me Endless Arguments about It on the Internet 07.03.12 Gordon Lafer Weighs in on Wisconsin, again 07.01.12 Libertarianism’s Cold, Cold Heart 06.29.12 Nino! Now Playing at the Schubert Theater 06.28.12 Affirmative Action Baby 06.27.12 Adolph Reed Speaks Truth on Wisconsin 06.27.12 Justice Scalia: American Nietzsche 06.26.12 Diva of Disdain: Justice Scalia in Three Parts 06.22.12 Labor was once central to the liberal imagination; today, not so much. 06.20.12 What Might Have Been: One Report from Madison, Wisconsin 06.15.12 Whither Wisconsin: A Guide to the Perplexed (Left) 06.08.12 A Solidarity of Strangers 06.08.12 The Militant Minority: Untimely Meditations from David Montgomery 06.07.12 A Challenge to the Left 06.07.12 Wisconsin: WTF? A Facebook Roundtable on Labor, the Democrats, and Why Everything Sucks 06.04.12 I See London, I See France… 06.02.12 Was Mohamed Atta Gay? 06.01.12 Careerism: Prolegomena to a Political Theory 05.28.12 Things I Did and Didn’t Know About Marilyn Monroe and Leon Trotsky 05.27.12 Law and Order Among the 1% 05.05.12 In the 4th Year of the Obama Administration, the Health and Safety of American Workers Remains “Open” 04.25.12 Obama Awards Billions in Government Contracts to Labor Law Violators 04.25.12 The American Creed: You give us a color, we’ll wipe it out. 04.24.12 Ex-Cons Make the Best Workers! 04.23.12 Boss to Worker: Thanks for Your Kidney. And, Oh, You’re Fired! 04.23.12 Fighting Them There Rather than Here: From Hitler to Bush 04.22.12 Protocols of Machismo, Part 2: On the Hidden Connection Between Henry Kissinger and Liza Minnelli 04.22.12 Protocols of Machismo: On the Fetish of National Security, Part I 04.20.12 In Which I Pour More Fuel on the Cory Booker Fire 04.20.12 Stephen Colbert Agrees with Me about Cory Booker 04.19.12 What Katha Said 04.14.12 The Thunder of World History 04.13.12 The Freedom, the Freedom! 04.13.12 In Which I Rain on Everyone’s Cory Booker Parade 04.09.12 Ending Dependency As We Know It: How Bill Clinton Decreased Freedom 04.08.12 The Wide World of Sports 04.04.12 Fancy Dress at Fancy Law Firms? You’re Fired! 04.02.12 Twin Peaks: The Tea Party’s Economic and Social Agenda 03.31.12 More Facebook Fascism 03.30.12 News of the Book 03.26.12 My Bloggingheads Debut! 03.24.12 What Happens to a Bathroom Break Deferred? 03.24.12 Reactionary Mindz 03.21.12 Sluts! 03.20.12 The Private Life of Power 03.19.12 Is That All There Is? 03.18.12 All Children Under 16 Years Old Are Now 16 Years Old: Workplace Tyranny at the Gates Foundation 03.16.12 Rick Perlstein Schools Mark Lilla 03.14.12 Birth Control McCarthyism 03.11.12 The Prison House of Labor 03.08.12 For anyone who’s ever despaired of arguing with her critics… 03.08.12 Lavatory and Liberty: The Secret History of the Bathroom Break 03.07.12 When Libertarians Go to Work… 03.04.12 Black Money: On Marxism and Corruption 03.03.12 Isn’t It Romantic? Burke, Maistre, and Conservatism 03.01.12 Just My Imagination 02.29.12 Julie London, Political Theorist 02.25.12 Even Narcissists Have Enemies 02.25.12 Freedom Is, Freedom Ain’t* 02.20.12 Probing Tyler Cowen, or: When Libertarians Get Medieval on Your Vagina 02.15.12 Love for Sale: Birth Control from Marx to Mises 02.06.12 Graduate Student Employee Fired for Union Activism 02.05.12 Mark Lilla and I Exchange Words 02.01.12 The New York Times Takes Up The Reactionary Mind…Again 02.01.12 I’m a Jacobin 01.31.12 A Most Delightful Fuck You 01.27.12 Anti-Semite and Jew 01.21.12 Gossip Folks 01.20.12 Something’s Got a Hold On Me 01.19.12 From the Slaveholders to Rick Perry: Galileo is the Key 01.19.12 Easy To Be Hard: Conservatism and Violence 01.16.12 The Real Martin Luther King 01.10.12 John Schaar, 1928-2011 01.08.12 You’re the Best Thing That Ever Happened to Me 01.08.12 Words Like Freedom 01.05.12 Another prize! And other news of the blog and the book 01.04.12 Houston, We Have a Problem. A Jacob Heilbrunn Problem. 01.04.12 A Trotsky for Our Time 01.03.12 Ron Paul has two problems: one is his, the other is ours. 01.03.12 Still Batshit Crazy After All These Years: A Reply to Ta-Nehisi Coates 01.02.12 My Appearance on Up With Chris Hayes 12.30.11 I’m going to be on TV 12.26.11 Fight Club, or That’s the Year That Was 12.20.11 Reactionary Minds 12.19.11 My Blog Wins 3rd Prize 12.18.11 “Yes, but”: More on Hitchens and Hagiography 12.16.11 Christopher Hitchens: The Most Provincial Spirit of All 12.04.11 It Was 20 Years Ago Today 12.03.11 Ross Douthat Channels Georges Sorel 12.03.11 My Response to Bruce Bartlett 12.01.11 Reality Bites: Andrew Sullivan’s Utopian Conservatism 11.27.11 The Occupy Crackdowns: Why Naomi Wolf Got It Wrong 11.17.11 Shop Talk with John Podhoretz 11.15.11 More News of the Book 11.11.11 I’ll be on C-SPAN this weekend 11.09.11 Whenever I read a professional Chomsky-basher… 11.03.11 When the Right Hand Doesn’t Know What the Right Hand is Doing 11.03.11 From the American Slaveholders to the Nazis… 11.03.11 In Which I Talk to a Conservative about His Reactionary Mind 11.01.11 Our Negroes and Theirs: When Ann Coulter Tells the Truth, It’s Worth Listening to Her 10.26.11 News of the Book 10.25.11 Fear, American Style: What the Anarchist and Libertarian Don’t Understand about the US 10.17.11 To Play the Part of a Lord: A Reply to Andrew Sullivan about Conservatism 10.15.11 A Last Word on My Exchange with Sheri Berman 10.14.11 Where Is the Love? 10.12.11 I Got a Crush on You 10.11.11 It’s Good to Be the King 10.07.11 The New York Times Review of The Reactionary Mind: My Response 10.02.11 We’ll turn Manhattan into an isle of joy. 10.01.11 Baubles, Bangles, and Tweets: Reactions to The Reactionary Mind 09.27.11 Revolutionaries of the Right: The Deep Roots of Conservative Radicalism 09.26.11 Melissa Harris-Perry’s Non-Response Response to Her Critics 09.23.11 Melissa Harris-Perry: Psychologist to the Stars 09.22.11 The Page 99 Test 09.19.11 Shitstorming the Bastille 09.18.11 If Everybody’s Working for the Weekend, How Come It Took This Country So Goddamn Long to Get One? 09.13.11 The Mile-High Club: What the Right Really Thinks About Sex 09.08.11 The Republican Debate: 5 Theses 09.08.11 That Old Centrist Magic: Jonathan Stein Responds to Jonathan Chait 09.04.11 The Politics of Fear is Dead. The Politics of Fear is alive and well. 09.03.11 What’s so Liberal about Neoliberalism? An homage to my sister’s father-in-law* 08.19.11 Why I’m Not Laughing with Jon Stewart 08.18.11 My Own Munchings (that’s for you, Mom) 08.16.11 One Less Bell to Answer: Further Thoughts on Neoliberalism By Way of Mike Konczal (and Burt Bachrach) 08.15.11 Sam’s Club Republicanism Died Because It Never Had a Life to Live 08.13.11 3 Reasons Why It Doesn’t Matter if Rick Perry is the New George W. Bush and 1 Reason Why It Does. 08.09.11 Ten Years On, We’re Still Getting Nickel and Dimed (and Still Can’t Pee on the Job) 08.07.11 The Economic Cure That Dare Not Speak Its Name 08.01.11 Obama: WTF? A Facebook Roundtable of the Left 07.30.11 The Great Neoliberalism Debate of 2011 Has Now Been Resolved ( I Think This is What They Call Beating a Dead Horse) 07.28.11 America, Where Selling Out is the Right Thing to Do 07.25.11 Making Love to Lana Turner on an Empty Stomach (and Other Things That Caught My Eye) 07.24.11 Norwegian Terrorist Knows His Conservative Canon 07.22.11 If You Don’t Have Anything Nice to Say, Come Sit Next to Me 07.21.11 Why Aren’t There More Union Members in America? A Reply to Will Wilkinson 07.19.11 Why the Left Gets Neoliberalism Wrong: It’s the Feudalism, Stupid! 07.19.11 Ronald Reagan: Magic Man 07.16.11 Doug Henwood: His Taste in Music is a Little Doctrinaire, but His Economics is Outta Sight 07.16.11 The Way We Weren’t: My Response to Yglesias’ Response to My Response to His Response to My Response 07.15.11 Mike Konczal Responds to Me and Yglesias (and Yglesias responds yet again) 07.14.11 Matt Yglesias Responds to My Post 07.13.11 Other People’s Money 07.13.11 A Fistful of Crazy, Starring Jonathan Rauch, in Which Our Hero Argues that Primo Levi was an American Enemy 07.12.11 QED 07.12.11 Things You Get to Do When You’re a Great Writer 07.09.11 The Financialization of Political Discourse (or more on David Frum) 07.09.11 All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Freshman English. Or So Says the NYT. 07.07.11 David Frum, Regular Pain in the GOP Ass, Writes the Most Honest Sentence In Journalism I’ve Seen 07.06.11 I knew Abe Lincoln, Abe Lincoln was a friend of mine. Mr. President, you’re no Abe Lincoln. 07.06.11 I Say a Little Prayer for You 07.05.11 Persistence of the Old Regime 07.04.11 In Which the NY Times Suddenly Decides It Respects Noam Chomsky 07.04.11 A Princeton First 07.03.11 When Conservatives Read Conservatives 07.02.11 What We Don’t Get 06.24.11 You Are Not Historians! 06.23.11 Known Unknowns 06.20.11 Tax and Spend     Source: The Future of the Supreme Court in the Liberal Imagination

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  • Legislature to tackle electoral reform on Monday - Times Union

    hearst/ads/large_scale_ads.tpl e hearst/ads/large_scale_ads.tpl e hearst/home/navigation_main.tpl e hearst/home/navigation.tpl commentsOn: 1, commentKey: timesunion-article-13521663 templates/design/article/story_page_r2.tpl ux/timesunion/templates/hearst/article/types/story_r2.tpl ux/timesunion/templates/hearst/article/types/standard_title.tpl https://www.timesunion.com/news/article/Legislature-to-tackle-electoral-reform-on-Monday-13521663.php article siteID = 3 src/business/templates/hearst/article/headline.tpl Legislature to tackle electoral reform on Monday Both houses scheduled to vote on democracy package, say lawmakers e src/business/templates/hearst/article/headline.tpl hearst/common/author_name.tpl By Rachel Silberstein e hearst/common/author_name.tpl Updated 9:37 pm EST, Wednesday, January 9, 2019 e ux/timesunion/templates/hearst/article/types/standard_title.tpl hearst/article/types/story_body_r2.tpl gallery gallery float hearst/gallery/main.tpl design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl Photo: John Carl D'Annibale e design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl Voters fill out their ballots at the Parks &#38; Recreation Department Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018 in Albany, NY. (John Carl D'Annibale/Times Union) Voters fill out their ballots at the Parks &#38; Recreation Department Tuesday Nov. 6, 2018 in Albany, NY. (John Carl D'Annibale/Times Union) e design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl Photo: John Carl D'Annibale e design/gallery/caption_redesign.tpl hearst/ads/medium_rectangle_ad_gallery.tpl e hearst/ads/medium_rectangle_ad_gallery.tpl Legislature to tackle electoral reform on Monday e hearst/gallery/main.tpl /gallery float fixed text ALBANY — Legislators in both houses are scheduled to vote on a flurry of bills meant to expand ballot access on Monday, the session's second day. text Bills to be considered include early voting, same-day voter registration, voting by mail, and consolidating federal and state primary days, Democratic lawmakers confirmed Wednesday. video /item float text "I think it'll be the first day. You'll know; you'll hear," Assemblyman David Weprin, of Queens, said. fixed text "I certainly think it's on our agenda for next week, I can't speak for the Senate," said Assemblywoman Deborah Glick, D-Manhattan. "Clearly we have a very robust list of bills that we are anxious to get done, many of which we have voted on and passed in the past." text The reforms have the support of Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo, who included all four measures in a pre-session address outlining his agenda in December. fixed hearst/ads/duplicatable.tpl / hearst/ads/duplicatable.tpl text "The federal government is working to disenfranchise voters; we have to do the exact opposite and improve our democracy," he said. text The governor also proposed making Election Day a state holiday. text While the Assembly has passed dozens of electoral reform bills over the years, and the legislation has been through an extensive committee review process. But Republican leadership in the Senate never allowed the bills to advance, which means they never received the same scrutiny in the upper chamber. fixed text While some items have a budgetary component, the price tag is not prohibitive, according to early cost estimates. text Last year, Cuomo allocated $7 million to establish early voting. Consolidating the state's double primary election days is projected to save the state $25 million. Controversies may arise over which day is selected to be the combined primary day. text Assemblyman Felix Ortiz said that the Legislature may also consider voting on campaign finance measures like closing the LLC loophole, which allows companies to circumvent campaign finance limits. text A spokesman for the Senate Democrats declined to confirm whether the bills were slated for Monday, but Senate Majority Leader Andrea Stewart-Cousins, in her opening remarks on Wednesday, topped her list of legislative priorities with electoral and campaign finance reform. text "We are finally going to give New Yorkers the honest, functional, ethical government they deserve," she said. text Assembly Speaker Carl E. Heastie also declined to comment on Monday's agenda, saying he did not want to overshadow Stewart-Cousins, who was sworn is as the state's first female Senate majority leader on the session's opening day. fixed fixed hearst/ads/duplicatable.tpl / hearst/ads/duplicatable.tpl text "We are going to do a joint statement pretty soon." Heastie told reporters on Wednesday "I've got to let Andrea celebrate her day." text Advocates who gathered at the Capitol on Wednesday, said were excited about the momentum around electoral reform. text "It's exciting that it's happening and it's a reflection of a very strong demand that the residents of New York State have shown that we shouldn't be the last in voter participation in the nation," said Jonah Minkoff-Zern, campaign director with Public Citizen's Democracy Is For People Campaign. {{captions}} {{credits}} {{resaleLink}} {{taboolaSlide}} {{captionTruncated}} e hearst/article/types/story_body_r2.tpl /article-body business/templates/design/item/default.tpl mid:freeform.85204 '); window._taboola = window._taboola &#124;&#124; []; _taboola.push({ mode: 'thumbnails-a', container: taboolaBATContainerLabel, placement: taboolaBATPlacementLabel, target_type: 'mix' }); hearst/ads/full_banner_B728.tpl e hearst/ads/full_banner_B728.tpl /article-footer /article-content hearst/article/types/story_right_r2.tpl business/templates/design/item/default.tpl mid:freeform.50997 < ![CDATA[ .hdnce-item-50997 { background: transparent; box-shadow: none; } ]]> Begin Hearst Ad hearst/ads/medium_rectangle_ad_first.tpl e medium_rectangle_ad_first.tpl business/templates/design/item/default.tpl mid:freeform.85203 '); window._taboola = window._taboola &#124;&#124; []; _taboola.push({ mode: 'thumbnails-rr', container: taboolaRRTContainerLabel, placement: taboolaRRTPlacementLabel, target_type: 'mix' }); } hearst/ads/medium_rectangle_ad_second.tpl e medium_rectangle_ad_second.tpl hearst/home/mostPopular.tpl /most-popular e hearst/home/mostPopular.tpl business/templates/design/item/default.tpl mid:freeform.45278 hearst/ads/medium_rectangle_ad_third.tpl e medium_rectangle_ad_third.tpl /article-sidebar e hearst/article/types/story_right_r2.tpl hmb:B300 B300 ad e ux/timesunion/templates/hearst/article/types/story_r2.tpl e templates/design/article/story_page_r2.tpl e .page-content hearst/common/site_footer.tpl THIRDPARTY FOOTER MARKER DONT REMOVE hearst/ads/full_banner_B728.tpl e hearst/ads/full_banner_B728.tpl /#content Source: Legislature to tackle electoral reform on Monday &#8211; Times Union

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  • Only Black Guy at This Show Really Wishes I'd Stop Calling Him That

    Only Black Guy at This Show Really Wishes I’d Stop Calling Him That By KC Phillips &#124; January 16, 2019 ")} function e(o){return(o+"").replace(/(d)(?=(d{3})+$)/g,"$1,")}var t="https://thehardtimes.net/hardstyle/only-black-guy-at-this-show-really-wishes-id-stop-calling-him-that/";console.log("first url is "+t);var a="//thehardtimes.net/2019/01/16/only-black-guy-at-this-show-really-wishes-id-stop-calling-him-that/";console.log("second url is "+a),axios.all([axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+t),axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+a)]).then(axios.spread(function(e,t){console.log("share count one is "+e.data.share.share_count),console.log("share count two is "+t.data.share.share_count),o(e.data.share.share_count+t.data.share.share_count)}))}(); Let me just start this one off by saying I don’t think there’s anything wrong with what’s happening in this basement tonight. The opening band played like 9 minutes of angry fuzz and the next band took twice as long just setting up their pedal boards. There’s been a lot of drinking, a lot of throwing things onto the ground, and the porch is coated in a thick fog of vaporized marijuana. It’s been a great show so far, and the icing on the cake: there’s a black guy in the back wearing an X Ray Spex shirt and nobody is making it into a weird thing! Inclusion is so important in the scene– I’ve been saying it for years and I’ll keep on saying it for years to come: it’s absolutely necessary that we make sure people of color feel welcome at our shows. Music doesn’t know race; music is about feelings and energy, passion and dancing. It’s really great that our brother in the back is here tonight taking it all in, exploring new genre of music, sharing cultural experiences with us. He’s staring at me right now! Oh! This is so exciting. The last time I saw a black guy at a show was at an Oxbow concert and it didn’t really count because he was on stage and yelling, so you can imagine how I feel right now, a living part of history for this small-town Minnesota punk scene. I know it can be tough to feel like you don’t belong anywhere and I just want him to know that the only single black person I’ve ever seen at a basement show doesn’t have to feel like he’s any different from the rest of us. I accept him completely as he is; nobody thinks he’s weird, or like he doesn’t belong here. In my book, he’s just like everyone else. He’s so brave. I don’t think I could do what he’s doing; I don’t think I could take it upon myself to bridge such an important gap between cultures and men for the greater good of the future. No one black person speaks for all black people, and it takes a special, unique individual like this man to show us that black people everywhere are just normal, everyday guys like me and him. When I tried thanking him he told me he didn’t do anything, because he’s so modest. I bet he doesn’t even see color, just like me. We’re all just some people having a good time at a house show, and nobody is making a big deal about it. Want to support Hard Times? Buy a shirt. We’ll use the money to write more articles. Source: Only Black Guy at This Show Really Wishes I&#8217;d Stop Calling Him That

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  • I Used to Suffer From Depression but Now I'm Fuckin' Awesome at It

    I Used to Suffer From Depression but Now I’m Fuckin’ Awesome at It By Nicholai Roscoe &#124; January 15, 2019 ")} function e(o){return(o+"").replace(/(d)(?=(d{3})+$)/g,"$1,")}var t="https://thehardtimes.net/hardstyle/i-used-to-suffer-from-depression-but-now-im-fuckin-awesome-at-it/";console.log("first url is "+t);var a="//thehardtimes.net/2019/01/15/i-used-to-suffer-from-depression-but-now-im-fuckin-awesome-at-it/";console.log("second url is "+a),axios.all([axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+t),axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+a)]).then(axios.spread(function(e,t){console.log("share count one is "+e.data.share.share_count),console.log("share count two is "+t.data.share.share_count),o(e.data.share.share_count+t.data.share.share_count)}))}(); Depression can be a difficult and isolating illness but I’m here to tell you that it gets better. I used to suffer from depression but after a lot of hard work and personal growth… well, I still have depression but now I’m fuckin’ awesome at it. I’m seriously so good at depression now. The key is making it work for you. I used to hate that my dejected mood prevented me from attending social events. Now I proactively use it as an excuse to bail on social events. I’d love to go to your baby shower Linda, if it wasn’t for this damned diagnosis. My friend described the perfect day as sitting on the couch mindlessly watching Netflix, eating empty calories, and drinking glass after glass of wine. That’s the perfect day? That’s my every day! I must be killing it. In fact, culture and technology are actually trending in the right direction for depressed people. Not only is it acceptable to order food directly to your house, preventing any social interaction with the outside world, but we’re also actively encouraged to order online instead of over the phone! You’re telling me that the world prefers that I not even speak with anyone? Well that’s just fantastic. That actually eliminates half the fights me and my boyfriend get into since he’s too depressed to talk to them either. The key is to be proactive. The old me would just lie around. The new me sets aside time to just lie around. My wheelchair-bound friend once told me that he’s not handicapped, he’s handi-capable. In that case, I put the ill in mental illness. It’s all a matter of perspective. In my darkest days, I wouldn’t leave the apartment or open the blinds, I was a complete shut-in. I still am, but now I have a Netflix subscription so I can binge The Good Place. Am I still watching? Hell yeah I am buddy. I’m no quitter. Want to support Hard Times? Buy a shirt. We’ll use the money to write more articles. Source: I Used to Suffer From Depression but Now I&#8217;m Fuckin&#8217; Awesome at It

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  • Mathematician Proves X Gonna Give It to Ya

    Mathematician Proves X Gonna Give It to Ya By Ashley Naftule &#124; January 18, 2019 ")} function e(o){return(o+"").replace(/(d)(?=(d{3})+$)/g,"$1,")}var t="https://thehardtimes.net/music/mathematician-proves-x-gonna-give-it-to-ya/";console.log("first url is "+t);var a="//thehardtimes.net/2019/01/18/mathematician-proves-x-gonna-give-it-to-ya/";console.log("second url is "+a),axios.all([axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+t),axios.get("http://graph.facebook.com/?id="+a)]).then(axios.spread(function(e,t){console.log("share count one is "+e.data.share.share_count),console.log("share count two is "+t.data.share.share_count),o(e.data.share.share_count+t.data.share.share_count)}))}(); BALTIMORE — Mathematician Douglas Campbell proved yesterday that rapper DMX’s controversial “Dark Man X Theory” is true by demonstrating, by way of variable ‘X,’ that X it is gonna give it to ya, according to stunned sources at the Joint Mathematics Meeting of the American Mathematical Society and Mathematical Association of America. “It took 10 years of trial and error to confirm this conclusion,” said Campbell after presenting his paper Non-stop, Pop-Pop, and the Inevitability of X: Stainless Steel Epistemology. “There can be no doubt: X will hit it with full strength. I’ve been doing this for 19 years, I put in work, and it’s all for the kids.” Campbell first made a name for himself in 1998, when he applied mass-energy equivalence theory to prove that rapper Chuck D’s uzi could not possibly weigh a ton. He later became the target of a 2013 Kendrick Lamar diss track, after disproving the rapper’s theory that a penis the size of the Eiffel Tower would have the proper length and girth needed to penetrate the earth’s core and bring it to sexual climax. “I truly believe that other scholars are jealous, and that is why they are constantly coming at me,” said Campbell. “After all, I am the only Fields Medal winner to have been part of the Warped Tour, at which I presented my controversial X &#60; Jake = X &#62; Ezra equation in 2009.” The Dark Man X Theory has been hotly contested, ever since renowned mathematician Earl Simmons proposed it in 2003. “I tried to tell Dr. Simmons that X could represent a variety of things, but it’s hard to argue with a man who can walk two bulldogs on a chain while popping a wheelie on his motorbike,” said Sir Roger Penrose, the renowned Emeritus Rouse Ball Professor of Mathematics at the University of Oxford. “I accepted his conclusion, however, after he found a critical flaw in my own attempts at proving his conjecture: I had applied a Laplace transform rather than a Fourier transform, and it is well-known that Laplace transforms only apply to well-behaved functions. There is nothing well-behaved about how Ruff Ryders roll.” While Campbell’s reputation as a “loose cannon mathematician” and killjoy has made him unpopular in his community, his peers have been unable to disprove his latest findings. “Fuck what you heard — it’s what you hearing,” said visiting Professor of Thuganomics John Cena. “And what I heard today is incontestable proof that X is gonna rock, roll, and pop all over us.” Want to support Hard Times? Buy a shirt. We’ll use the money to write more articles. Source: Mathematician Proves X Gonna Give It to Ya

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  • Facebook manager quits after being 'harassed' over views on diversity

    On Jan. 11, Sophie Alpert, a Facebook engineering manager who ran a major open-source project called React, made an announcement on Twitter: "today's my last day at Facebook." In the tweet, which got 3,600 likes and elicited 247 comments, Alpert said she was leaving to join a start-up called Humu. But she neglected to tell her more than 41,000 followers the reason for her abrupt departure. tweet Four days earlier, Alpert, who identifies as transgender, provided that reason in an internal post viewed by CNBC. Alpert wrote on Workplace, Facebook's internal social network, that she'd been harassed by her colleagues after criticizing the lack of diversity at the company. Among other things, she said she'd been attacked on Blind, an anonymous workplace app. "Facebook is good for many people, but it's not the right place for me right now," Alpert wrote. "I want to spend my time at a place willing to push further on diversity and inclusion. One where it's not OK to write on Workplace that white privilege doesn't exist. One where if I call out that our board has too many white men, I don't get harassed by other employees on Blind with transphobic messages saying I should be fired." Facebook's diversity problem has been overshadowed in the past year by the bigger crises at the company related to user privacy and securing the platform against manipulation by foreign actors. With the stock down more than 15 percent in the last 12 months, CEO Mark Zuckerberg has his hands full dealing with concerned users, advertisers, investors and lawmakers. Amid the turmoil, Facebook is also facing a mass exodus of talent, from the departures of the founders of Instagram and WhatsApp to security chief Alex Stamos. As Alpert's case illustrates, at least some of it relates to core cultural issues. In November, Mark Luckie, an African-American manager who'd recently left Facebook, accused the company of having "a black people problem," and said that, "in some buildings, there are more 'Black Lives Matter' posters than there are actual black people." Facebook, like most of its Silicon Valley peers, is mostly male and very white. Of the company's more than 30,000 employees, 36 percent were women, as of last year's diversity report, up from 31 percent in 2014. Women occupied 22 percent of tech roles last year, an increase from 15 percent four years earlier. Black employees, meanwhile, made up only 4 percent of the company in 2018, with those in technical and leadership roles having even less representation. Facebook said the number of employees who identify as "LGBQA+ or Trans+" rose for a third straight year to 8 percent. The company also said it has "employee affinity groups" across the globe for LGBTQ and trans employees. Alpert did not respond to requests for comment. Anthony Harrison, a spokesman for Facebook, said in a statement to CNBC that the company doesn't tolerate harassment and has "clear policies about how people should communicate with and treat each other at Facebook." Harrison also provided a comment specifically about Alpert. "Sophie is very aware of how serious we took her concerns given she spent significant time with members of our human resources team who worked in earnest to address the issues on Blind," he said. "Because the comments in question were made anonymously there we weren't able to find out who posted them." Source: Facebook manager quits after being &#8216;harassed&#8217; over views on diversity

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  • Brazil's drug gangs are prepared to go to war with Bolsonaro – VICE News

    Brazil's drug gangs are prepared to go to war with BolsonaroBrazil’s new president, Jair Bolsonaro, fulfilled a campaign promise to tackle the country’s epidemic of violence — by signing a temporary decree Tuesday that makes it easier for Brazilians to buy guns. “I signed this decree, created by many upstanding people, so that at this first moment, upstanding citizens can have peace inside their homes,” Bolsonaro said at the signing ceremony in the country’s capital, Brasília. Bolsonaro, a former Army captain, was sworn in as president on Jan. 1, after rising in popularity last year on a fiercely nationalist, hardline law-and-order platform to reduce the country's murder rate — which ranks the highest in the world — and the booming illegal drug trade that fuels it. But his plan to give "guns to good people," is likely to backfire. Gang members responsible for some of the worst violence in Brazil’s major cities told VICE News that the president's new policy of fighting crime by putting more guns on the streets will only lead to more bloodshed. So too will his plans to ramp up the military’s role in the drug war by giving security forces more power to shoot and kill armed criminals. An officer with Brazils Federal Highway Patrol or PRF, search Brazils border with Paraguay in search of illegal drugs and guns. This porous borer is the largest source of illegal drugs that are smuggled in to Brazil every. (VICE News/Daniel Vergara) Tensions are already running high. On the main highway leading into Rio de Janeiro, Brazil’s Federal Highway Patrol(PRF) say they’re confiscating record numbers of illegal drugs. The officers patrolling the road seized 18 tons of drugs last year — more than a 300-percent increase from the previous year.“It's a traditional route for drug traffickers — not just for drugs, but also heavy arms,” Alcino Galvao da Silva, Unit Leader of the Federal Highway Patrol, told VICE News. “Machine guns, bullets, marijuana, and cocaine… It has grown quite a bit, especially in Rio de Janeiro.” An officer with the Federal Highway Patrol or PRF holds one kilo of cocaine paste that was hidden inside a car traveling into Rio de Janeiro. The horse image stamped on the package is the symbol of the cocaine producer, which PRF officials say most likely was produced in Paraguay. (VICE News/Daniel Vergara) The gangs at the center of the trade have shown no sign of slowing down. “Fear? We don't have fear. That's what we're here for. To kill and die. We'll die, but die fighting. It's our war motto: Die fighting,” said a member of the Third Command, one of Brazil’s most powerful crime organizations, who asked to go by “Johnny,” out of fear of retaliation for speaking to the press.“ Johnny” has been dealing drugs for the Third Command since he was 16 years-old. Now, 28, he manages all the drugs corners in the neighborhood and isn’t afraid to defend them by force.Even if that means going to war with Brazil's new president. “He’s going to take the world into an urban war,” Johnny said. “Instead of us killing the Red Command [a rival gang] we’re going to go after the guy who is in the police who listened to one of Bolsonaro's orders.” Gun traffickers who go by the name “Noel” (left) and “Joia” (right). They smuggle guns from Paraguay into favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Since President Bolsonaro took office they say their profits from illegal gun sales are increasing. (VICE News/Daniel Vergara) A drug corner controlled by the Third Command drug gang inside a favela or slum, on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (VICE News/Daniel Vergara) Drug dealers with the Third Command drug gang stand guard over the favela the gang controls on the outskirts of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. (VICE News/Daniel Vergara) Source: Brazil&#8217;s drug gangs are prepared to go to war with Bolsonaro – VICE News

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  • The Shutdown Is Mitch McConnell's Fault - VICE

    Update: On January 15, a week after this piece was originally published, Mitch McConnell again blocked a bill introduced by Democrats to reopen the government, saying,"The solution to this is a negotiation between the one person in the country who can sign something into law, the president of the United States, and our Democratic colleagues." Original story below:As the federal government's partial shutdown enters its third week, the effects are beginning to pile up, the human toll coming into sharper focus. Toilets in national parks are overflowing without anyone to clean them, the food stamp program will soon be at risk of running out of funds, tax refunds may go unpaid, and some civil courts could have to stop functioning as they run out of money.Perhaps worst of all: Around 800,000 federal workers are either not working or working without pay, and many of them are worried about paying their own bills. Everyone from FBI agents to airline pilots has been asking Donald Trump and Congress to reach an agreement and reopen the government. But the president is refusing to relent on his demand for $5 billion to fund a border wall, instead threatening vaguely that the shutdown could last years.It's Trump's insistence on a wall that has manufactured this crisis, and it's the White House that has been leading negotiations with Democrats in Congress. But even if it feels like Trump is holding the government hostage to get his wall, he can't do it alone—Republicans, and in particular Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, could restore what passes for normality in this era any time they wanted to.The US has weathered government shutdowns before, but the circumstances of this one are particularly embarrassing. In December it seemed likely that Congress would do what it had done before to avert a shutdown and pass a short-term spending bill to keep the government open; the Senate easily passed such a bill without including money for the wall. But the House didn't take up that bill and instead moved on a bill that purported to fund a wall. The embarrassing part is the new Democratic House passed a non-wall spending bill last week, but McConnell has refused to do what he did last month and introduce a shutdown-ending bill. He called the Democrats' bill "political theater" and said just before its passage, “The Senate will not take up any proposal that does not have a real chance of passing this chamber and getting a presidential signature. Let’s not waste the time.”This is a flagrantly dishonest bit of positioning, even by McConnell's low standards. Trump could of course veto any spending bill passed by Congress, but a two-thirds majority could override his veto and end this stalemate. The only thing that's required is a bit of courage on the part of Republicans. For such a veto override to take place, 55 Republicans in the House and 20 in the Senate would have to join with the Democrats and defy Trump. That kind of reaching across the aisle is rare these days, but many Republicans are openly frustrated with how Trump is handling this situation and some have called for reopening the government or at least funding the Department of Homeland Security. (Other portions of the government have been funded by previous piecemeal spending bills.) Republicans are fed up with Trump on other issues, with some criticizing him for his announced withdrawal from Syria and new Senator Mitt Romney blasting his low morals in a Washington Post op-ed.The public isn't happy either. Initial polls found the public blamed Trump for the shutdown, but subsequent polls contained evidence that people also blamed Congress—in one recent survey, 58 percent of respondents disapproved of Republicans' handling of the affair, compared to 51 percent disapproval for Democrats. Trump may not care if large swathes of the country hate him—so what else is new?—but Republicans who aren't attached to his wall in the first place likely don't love seeing their own numbers tanking because of the impasse.Given that dynamic, it's clear why McConnell wouldn't want to bring any wall-free spending bills to the Senate floor—that would force Republicans to choose between keeping the government closed or angering Trump by voting against him. But the alternative—the path that McConnell has evidently chosen—is to embrace rank partisanship by holding Trump's line and forcing some government employees to work without pay in support of a wall most Americans don't even want.Just after Democrats took back control of the House, McConnell wrote an op-ed praising bipartisanship and promising that Senate Republicans “will continue our commitment to delivering results.” Unsurprisingly, a man who has made his career being one of the most committed and effective partisan operators Washington has ever seen has not exactly lived by those words. He has a chance here to work with Democrats to deliver results and do real good by solving all the problems created by the shutdown while at the same time demonstrating that the Republican Party is more than a collection of mostly white men who fall in line with Trump's every whim.Instead, he's doing the exact opposite, stalling a vote to demonstrate total fealty to the president and his wall, damaging the lives of real people in the service of political posturing. Trump is mercurial and prone to do a great deal of damage in the service of his half-baked objectives—as usual. And as usual, the Republicans could step in to mitigate that damage. They just won't. Sign up for our newsletter to get the best of VICE delivered to your inbox daily. Follow Harry Cheadle on Twitter.Source: The Shutdown Is Mitch McConnell&#8217;s Fault &#8211; VICE

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  • Candace Owens Came for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Quickly Realized She Wasn't Ready

    Turning Point USA communications director Candace Owens looks on as U.S. President Donald Trump addresses young black conservative leaders from across the country as part of the 2018 Young Black Leadership Summit at White House on October 26, 2018 in Washington, DC.Photo: Pete Marovich (Getty Images)Candace Owens is unremarkable.In fact, she’s known for being the fourth-most famous black woman who supports President Trump.As it stands, that list includes such mega famous stars as:1. Diamond2. Silk3. Omarosa Manigault Foster Johnson Livingstone Williams Sonomaand then....4. Candace OwensIf Candace Owens was wearing an “I’m Candace Owens” T-shirt outside the Times Square station during rush hour at most someone might say, “I think that was the woman with Kanye when he went full MAGA-hat.”And that person, that lone person, would be right. According to her Wiki page, she’s an “American conservative commentator and political activist.” Owens, the black, black less famous Ann Coulter, makes a living as the low-IQ, pet negro who spends most of her time trolling black people between pursuing a dual career in shucking and jiving. She’s basically a dumb Stacey Dash.For some reason, I don’t know if was for clout, tweets, mentions or just normal conservative trolling purposes, Owens decided on this day of our Lord and Savior, that today was the day that she was coming for God’s favorite representative from U.S. House of Representatives from New York’s 14th District, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, aka breaker of chains, reader of fuckbois, destroyer of oppressive systems and the first of her name.The issue wasn’t that Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t afford to have an apartment in Washington, D.C., it was that she also needed one in New York. While she works on Capitol Hill, she doesn’t live there full-time as she needs to be around her constituents as well, which is what Ocasio-Cortez was referencing when she mentioned the cost of rent and affording to live in both places. But, I guess according to Owens, Ocasio-Cortez should have been saving all of her coins from bartending since she knew this day was coming. None of it really matters as it didn’t take long for one Twitter-user, Nathan Bernard, to come and collect Owens’ things.While The Root was not able to independently verify claims that Owens did, in fact, live rent free and then sued her landlord claiming “toxic mold sickness” Nathan Bernard did provide links to both Owens’ alleged lawsuit and the landlord’s counter suit.Based on these findings, I can say that it reads as if Owens lived in the $3,500 apartment rent-free until she found mold and then sued her landlord, but I must also add allegedly, which is the writing equivalent to yelling “shields” after someone belches so as to not get the burp touch.Nevertheless, Owens mentions are in shambles and Ocasio-Cortez didn’t even have to lift one Twitter finger.Source: Candace Owens Came for Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez and Quickly Realized She Wasn&#8217;t Ready

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  • Redux has gaps and pitfalls – magnetis backstage – Medium

    Why have I been blocked? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Source: Redux has gaps and pitfalls – magnetis backstage – Medium

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  • Use RxJS with React - Michal Zalecki

    At first sight, RxJS is blown up lodash but for dealing also with async. In reality, it is so much more than that. With a few simple operators, you can implement a Redux-like state machine, schedule animation or deal with any type of events no matter whether it is WebSocket message or filling in the text input. Angular is armed with RxJS out of the box, but how about its great competitor? I like React so much not only for what it is but also for that what you can make of it. While preparing for a presentation about Reactive JavaScript at meet.js Summit I have been asked couple times how to integrate RxJS into an existing app. All in all, there is a small chance that you are allowed to rewrite the app in Cycle.js. Update I have decided to do a full rewrite. From now on createState supports scoped reducers and few helpers were added. What is more, state for connect is passed in Provider context like in Redux. Reactive state Redux does the job and it is way simpler than its precursor. In real live, an app written with Flux has many stores, but it leads to unnecessary complexity and managing state dependencies. Redux with single store gained popularity really quickly. How about no store at all? With reactive state we do not need passive store. We can replace createStore with createState. Observable state will update components calling setState, or better, with props. Thanks to calling publishReplay, refCount we'll share the same state among all observers. In RxJS 4 you could achieve the same with shareReplay. Actions, ActionCreators, Constants... How about just actions? Subjects actually. Subject is both at the same time, observable and observer. Normally it would not be the best choice to drop the idea of this separation. We can take advantage of consuming observables, using simple map operator and later change an action into a reducer. This eliminates the need for constants and those silly tests you would have to write. I do not like the idea of testing basically a syntax. Reducer($) This part actually is going to be significantly different from what you already know about reducers. In Redux, reducers are pure functions which return new state if they can handle particular actions. Reducers, CounterReducer$ actually, is a stream of lazy-evaluated, pure functions. We can take data carried by an action and change it into single, pure function. As you can see testing such reducer is really simple with little ramda help. connect Firstly, we do not want to tight couple components with any modules. Components props can be treated as a simple, yet powerful, dependency injection. The question is how to extract action creators (action subject in our case) so the implementation details will not leak. Redux already solved this problem with connect from react-redux. Our implementation will be simpler but still fully functional for our reactive use case. Connect component is wrapping component to pass state to props. selector is a deadly simple function to map global state to component props. actionSubjects is an object of subjects returned from createActions which hides the boilerplate of calling .next(), we do not have to call dispatch. Reactive components We wrapped Counter in higher-order components. The main advantage is that it then can be a stateless component which is a pure function. Pure functions are highly reusable, easy to test and maintain. Async How to handle AJAX calls? According to good practices from Flux or Redux the initial call to the server starts in the action creator. What do we do when we do not have action creators? We can init the request in the reducer. While it does not sound great, keep in mind that we are dealing with one stream and whether an operation is async or not is irrelevant. Observables have many advantages over Promises and one of the greatest is the ability to retry. Summary We have only scratched the surface of possible RxJS use cases in React. With even basic knowledge about RxJS observables and operators, you can do pretty awesome stuff in just couple lines of code. GitHub: MichalZalecki/connect-rxjs-to-react Hero image by rawpixel on Unsplash. EBOOKThis ebook goes beyond Jest documentation to explain software testing techniques. I focus on unit test separation, mocking, matchers, patterns, and best practices.Get it now! Source: Use RxJS with React &#8211; Michal Zalecki

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  • Generic “Hooks” – Michael Rawlings – Medium

    Why have I been blocked? This website is using a security service to protect itself from online attacks. The action you just performed triggered the security solution. There are several actions that could trigger this block including submitting a certain word or phrase, a SQL command or malformed data. Source: Generic “Hooks” – Michael Rawlings – Medium

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  • Observables, Side-effects, and Subscriptions | Eyas's Blog

    My previous articles on using AsyncPipe and data refresh patterns in Angular hint at some common anti-patterns dealing with Observables. If there’s any common thread in my advice, it is: delay unpacking an Observable into its scalar types when performing logic you can rewrite as side-effect-free, leaving code with side-effects for subscription callbacks and other downstream logic. My two earlier articles focused on cases users can benefit from handling more of the object’s lifecycle in its Observable form. In other words, cases where the Observable was being subscribed to and unpacked too soon. Instead, I suggested transforming the Observable using operators like map, switchMap, filter, etc. and taking advantage of the power offered by this form. In the case of Angular, it provides AsyncPipe, which takes the care of the step with side-effects (actually rendering the page) in template code. There are some exceptions to this line of thinking, namely do and tap are reactive operators exclusively there for functions with side effects. I’ll leave a discussion of right vs less right reasons to use do/tap for a later article. But I’ll mention logging, error reporting, and caching of otherwise pure functions as one valid use of side-effects. This article uses RxJS in code examples, but applies to broader reactive concepts. Let’s explore a few of these cases: 1. Displaying data represented by Observables Say I have two Observables wrapping some object in a storage format (e.g. JSON), and I’d like to display it. Unpacking an observable too soon let customerName: string; let customerBalance: number; nameObservable.subscribe(name =&#62; { customerName = name; if (customerName &#38;&#38; customerBalance) { processAndDraw(); } }); balanceObservable.subscribe(balance =&#62; { customerBalancer = balance; if (customerName &#38;&#38; customerBalance) { processAndDraw(); } }); function processAndDraw() { alert(`${customerName}: $${customerBalance.toFixed(2) USD`); } If a caller unpacks an observable too soon, it means they’re dealing with scalars, passing things around by global state. Developers might have trouble handling changes, such as adding a third data source to show. Unpacking an Observable too late combineLatest(nameObservable, processAndDraw).pipe( map(([name, balance]) =&#62; { alert(`${name}: $${balance.toFixed(2) USD`); }) ).subscribe(); On the one hand, this is much shorter and more expressive! This is effectively maps Observable&#60;[string, number]&#62; into an Observable&#60;void&#62; which happens to perform side effects when subscribed to. The subscriber, however, has no idea what action will take place from just looking at a type or signature. Even with the code snippet above used as-is, it is very easy to forget about that last .subscribe() call, which–given that Observables are lazy by default and only perform useful actions when subscribed to–renders this whole snippet a no-op. One final reason side-effects are bad in operators: that these side-effects can be performed an arbitrary number of times per event based on how many distinct subscribers are listening to an Observable. A better trade-off combineLatest(nameObservable, processAndDraw).pipe( map(([name, balance]) =&#62; `${name}: $${balance.toFixed(2) USD` ) ).subscribe(text =&#62; alert('Text')); 2. Avoiding Unnecessary Indirection through Subjects In some ReactiveX implementation, a Subject is a powerful concept that allows an event publisher to share events with subscribers, as an Observable. It is also quite overused. Dave Sexton wrote a great piece in 2013 about whether or not to use a Subject, and further quoted Eric Meijer’s reasoning for disliking them: [Subjects] are the “mutable variables” of the Rx world and in most cases you do not need them.Erik Meijer, via To Use Subject or Not To Use Subject? In particular, I’ve come across many examples in the wild violating Sexton’s first piece of advice, “What is the source of the notifications?” Here’s an egregious anti-pattern: class DogNewsProvider { constructor(news: Observable&#60;News&#62;) { news.subscribe(newsItem =&#62; { if (newsItem.category === "Dog") { this._dogNews.next(new DogNews(newsItem)); } }); } private readonly _dogNews = new ReplaySubject&#60;DogNews&#62;(1); get(): Observable&#60;DogNews&#62; { return this._dogNews.asObservable(); } } Here, we’re providing Observable&#60;DogNews&#62;, based on source data contained by another observable. In between, however, we’re routing information from an Observable to a ReplaySubject, which we are manually triggering on each event from the source observable. This has a few problems: The code above is flawed in that the news observable provided to DogNewsProvider is never unsubscribed to. Modifying the class to support unsubscribing is easy, but not ergonomic and easy to miss.A bunch of indirection is happening between the source and the output, making the flow of data less clear.The advantage of a replay Subject (namely that someone subscribing to an Observable will get some number of events the missed–1 in this example) can be replicated by applying the shareReplay operator to the source observable.A better approach class DogNewsProvider { constructor(news: Observable&#60;News&#62;) { this.dogNews = news.pipe( filter(newsItem =&#62; newsItem.category === "Dog"), map(newsItem =&#62; new DogNews(newsItem)), shareReplay(1), ); } readonly dogNews: Observable&#60;DogNews&#62;; } A subscription to dogNews is not leaked in this case, and events will only fire while there are active listeners to this Observable. Further, the flow from news all the way to dogNews is clearly and directly explained by looking at the code, without jumping between callbacks. One way to think about this indirection is in the way Sexton described: there’s some unnecessary indirection in unpacking an Observable, just to pack it into an Observable again and send it off. Another way to think about this indirection is to look at the subscribe() method. Does it have side-effects? Yes, it does. It calls a method with side effects on a variable outside its scope. Can it be rewritten in a way that doesn’t? It can. There’s no incremental state we’re trying to maintain on purpose (other than the replay operator semantics); no I/O in the subscription; the side-effects outside of our scope that we’re modifying is mainly to pipe data from one place to another. These provide clues that there might be a better way to rewrite our callback into a series of monadic operators on an Observable. 3. Subscribing when switchMap or flatMap would do Seeing nested subscribe callbacks is a good sign some logic can be reworked. Let’s take a simplified example: function getBalance( name: string, showBalance: (balance: number) =&#62; void) { backend.getAccountIdByName(name).subscribe(id =&#62; { backend.getBalanceById(id).subscribe(balance =&#62; { showBalance(balance); }); }); } Other than the same issues with unsubscriptions as above, the callback hell also obscures what would be a relatively simple data flow: function getBalance( name: string, showBalance: (balance: number) =&#62; void) { backend.getAccountIdByName(name).pipe( switchMap(id =&#62; backend.getBalanceById(id) ).subscribe(balance =&#62; { showBalance(balance); }); } Keep showBalance in a subscription, and transform an account holder name all the way to an account balance through operators on Observables. The bigger advantage to organizing code like this is that it promotes opportunities to refactor: Use opportunities to factor out Observable-returning functions We can actually factor out part of getBalance that actually returns an Observable&#60;number&#62;. This allows it to be reused, combined, and multiplexed with other Observables and Observable operators as needed. Observables are also a uniform, ubiquitous API that is cancelable, retryable, etc. function getBalance(name: string) { backend.getAccountIdByName(name).pipe( switchMap(id =&#62; backend.getBalanceById(id) ); } Observables are a uniform, ubiquitous API that is cancelable, retryable, etc.Summary An Observable going through a series of transformation operators from source to final result is: Cancelable through-and-through; cancelling a subscription to a resultant Observable will cancel any underlying subscriptions opened to that end.Composable in its own right; andA ubiquitous immutable API that gives callers flexibility in manipulating return values.I propose side-effects being a great first-order heuristic as far as what can reasonably be kept within a composed Observable. When needed, operators like do and tap will sometimes make sense. .entry-content .entry-footer Source: Observables, Side-effects, and Subscriptions | Eyas&#8217;s Blog

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  • Russia's Only Space Telescope Has Stopped Responding to Commands

    Uh, Korolev? The Spektr-R space telescope is now a mere ghost of what it once was. Russia’s only space telescope recently stopped responding to commands issued from the ground, according to BBC. The details of the problem have not been made entirely clear and while the it isn’t possible to issue commands to the telescope it is still transmitting data. The Spektr-R began facing troubles on January 10 when Roscosmos, Russia’s space agency, noted problems in the telescopes communication system had rendered the device unable to hone in on specific targets. Specialists began work to attempt to restore communication to the system but as of today Roscosmos announced via Twitter that despite repeated attempts to reestablish connection “it was not possible to reconnect with the radio telescope.” A Toast to Spektr-R Launched in 2011, the telescope was originally only expected to continue working until 2014 but is has far outlived that expectation. Once slated for launch in 2004 or 2005, Spektr-R encountered “multiple delays” during construction. With it’s 33-foot radio antenna, Spektr-R works together with a network of telescopes on the ground to conduct research into the origins and structure of radio signals from within and beyond our galaxy. The telescope also contains instruments for observing solar wind and the Earth’s outer magnetosphere. Blackout Attempts to restore communication with Spektr-R are still underway, though so far they have no been successful. Yuri Kovalev, head of research for the Spektr-R project, told BBC that “there is still hope.” With Spektr-R currently unable to take on new missions and a data transfer issue impacting Russia’s other science satellite, the Mikhailo Lomonosov, Russia has no active science satellites for the time being. A Russian-German joint telescope project, Spektr-RG, was originally planned to launch in 2011 but is now expected to be put into service in March 2019. Until then, Roscosmos can only hope that its specialists are able to restore Spektr-R to good working order. READ MORE: Spektr-R, Russia’s Only Space Radio Telescope, Stops Responding to Commands [Gizmodo] More on Space Telescopes: The James Webb Telescope Is Delayed. Again. Here Are 4 Things to Know About itSource: Russia&#8217;s Only Space Telescope Has Stopped Responding to Commands

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